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Curved Frame Projection Screen

XY Screens’ curved frame projector screens are often used in home theaters, large cinemas. The frame of all our curved frame projectors are made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a velvet finish. Due to the different frames, we offer six types of curved frame screens: CHK60B, CHK80B, CHK80C, CHK100B, CHK100C, CZHK100B, which can be supplied in any ratio from 80" to 200".

The curved projection screen surrounds the viewer at the center, creating a surrounding effect and giving the viewer a complete panoramic experience. The circular screen can present an oversized picture that fully satisfies the viewer's visual requirements. Its clear visual effects can be combined with the surrounding stereo effect, creating an immersive audio-visual feast. Its perfect arc design adds a rich atmosphere to the audiovisual display of any home theater or auditorium.

The design has a strong aesthetic and the light reflectivity is also optimized. The screen is manufactured to slide along a specially designed stand, offering the viewer the best view position. It can also be used as an in-wall display. The special projection technology XY Screens’ s projection screen adopts greatly enhances the layering of the image with high projection brightness and high screen resolution.

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