Fixed Frame Projection Screen

Intelligent Tab-tensioned Motorized Projection Screen EC1 Series
KTV/ Mini Cinema Fixed Frame Projector Screen HK60B Series

XY Screens’ fixed frame projector screen is often used in home theaters as well as large cinemas. All of our fixed frame projectors are made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a velvet finish. Depending on the application, we offer three series of fixed frame projection screens including commercial fixed frame projection screens, home theater fixed frame projection screens, and large cinema fixed frame projection screens. Depending on the frame, we have five fixed-frame screen models with a cover: HK60B, HK80B, HK80C, HK100B, HK100C. We also offer sizes ranging from 80" to 200" and size customization services. Now we have more than 20 types of eco-friendly fabrics for customers to choose from.

Its aluminum frame is up to 60mm wide, making it extremely rugged. It features a high-performance gusset structure and a stable and simple hooking system. Its sturdy bottom mounting bracket is designed to perfectly hold this type of projection screen. Its aspect ratio is diverse, including 16:9/16:10/4:3/1:1 / 2.35:1.

With its simple and adjustable fabric spring system, our screen maintains horizontal tension perfectly and permanently and remain as level as the mirror. This product is also excellent for use as an in-wall display. It delivers outstanding image quality and is ideal for 4K and 3D TVs and movies.

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