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How long can the 4K TV scam last?

by:XY Screens     2021-10-09
Recently, the topic of 4K TV has been endless, especially during the World Cup in Brazil. Major TV manufacturers have played the marketing card of the 4K World Cup. 4K TV occupies the main position of many home appliance stores. I was really bluffed by this inexplicable high-tech term. Under the bluff of a clever salesperson, I bought a 4K and went home. It didn't take a few days before I found out that I was fooled. After TV manufacturers’ 3D farce dissipated, TV manufacturers have been hyping 4K for 2 years, but the entire 4K industry chain is still riddled with flaws; looking back, 4K is actually a big scam by TV manufacturers collectively deceiving consumers. That's it. Many people don't understand what 4K TV is. In fact, to put it simply, it is 'Ultra HD TV'. The physical resolution is extremely high, which can reach 3840×2160, the aspect ratio is 16:9, and the total is about 8.3 million pixels. We generally use Full HD TVs now. The difference between them can be explained by an easy-to-understand example. Four full HD screens are seamlessly stitched together in four squares to display 4 times the full HD resolution image. , This is the difference between 4K and Full HD. In terms of picture quality, 4K really makes Full HD unmatched. Although 4K is good, it is very impractical. There are many problems in the 4K industry. At present, the main problem is that the domestic 4K film sources are really pitiful. To put it ugly, you can buy them at a high price, which is of no use. Although many TV manufacturers flicked hard there, consumers paid very little. An organization conducted a survey in the Beijing market. After collecting questionnaires from more than 7,000 people, it was found that only 26% of people chose to consider buying 4K when changing their TVs, and less than 7% of them would actively change their TVs because of 4K. In addition, although more than half of the interviewees were able to explain clearly that 4K is related to clarity, 12% had never heard of the term 4K before. 4K TV is obviously still in the early stage of market cultivation. What's more interesting is that, unlike when they launched 3D at the same time, TV manufacturers were not united in promoting the 4K concept, and there were big differences-a group of TV manufacturers represented by LG focused on promoting their own OLED display technology, while others Some manufacturers believe that the novel form of curved TVs can arouse consumers' interest more than 4K displays. The issue of film source is the core issue. At present, there are only some 4K demo videos on the Internet, who buys the cups. Faced with the reality of high music and low quality, 4K TVs are not compatible with 3D in terms of quality and functions. This is quite troublesome, and it also makes many buying 4K feel deceived. Then, judging from the use of TV by the Chinese people, many people in the country use radio and television set-top boxes, satellite cookers, and network set-top boxes to watch TV. The signal source is inherently unclear, and even good TV tools cannot filter the signal source to 4k clarity. Degree, all very impractical. Therefore, if you listen to the manufacturer’s flicker, 'The true 4K image processing engine, the engine can use adaptive optimization image quality improvement technology to perform complex calculations, analysis and optimization on ordinary definition pictures, making the picture closer to ultra-high-definition picture quality.' I thought I bought a treasure and went back, but in fact there was 'suffering' that I couldn't tell. Even if the film source problem is solved, 4K TV is still restricted by the speed of the home broadband network. This involves a series of supporting projects, and TV manufacturers are powerless. In addition, the price of 4K TV is too expensive, and the real 4K is basically tens of thousands. For consumers, the purchase cost is too high. What's even more black is that many of them are fake 4K, because because of the high price of 4K panels, some TV manufacturers have adopted a panel of RGBW technology in order to reduce prices, but they still use the 4K brand in terms of promotion and sales. The LCD panel is generally composed of Red, Green, and Blue pixels, while the RGBW panel adds White pixels to these three color pixels to increase the brightness of the screen. The colors are also fuller, and the price is much cheaper than 4K panels. The most important thing is that if you don't distinguish it carefully, you can hardly see the display difference between the RGBW panel and the 4K panel. In addition, domestic manufacturers are restricted by upstream Korean and Taiwan panel manufacturers/domestic color TV companies. Many RGBW panels are mainly provided by South Korea’s LG. Some domestic TV manufacturers use this panel to launch low-end '4K' TV products and sell them under the name of 4K. Fudge consumers. From the perspective of panel sources, the role of domestic 4K TV workers has not changed, so it is too optimistic to talk about the 4K feast now. In the absence of film sources and signal sources, coupled with home broadband network speed constraints, how long can the 4K TV scam last?
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