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Motorized Projection Screen

XY Screens is dedicated to the development and design of intelligent motorized projection screens and large-size commercial screens for home theaters, parties or conferences. Based on the range of applications, our motorized projection screens are divided into commercial motorized screens, home theater motorized screens, and large-size commercial motorized screen series.

This type of screen has, for example, the following models: EC1, EC2, E300, which is the perfect choice for offices and schools, ranging in size from 80" to 170". It also includes LC2, EC150 models ranging in size from 180" to 350" suitable for large commercial events.

It has an aluminum base and a unique large screen fabric that is flexible and flat. This type of screen features high-quality matte white fabric with a flat projection surface effect, presenting vivid images. The screen is equipped with a manual switch and an optional wireless remote control. The remote control transmitter is made of special environmentally-friendly materials and is equipped with a polished mirror housing.

Its most prominent feature is its tubular motor, which runs smoothly without noise. The motorized projection screen is designed to be easy to install. Its adjustable floating special bracket design makes it easy to be installed on ceilings or walls.

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