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2012 Projection Screen and SONY '4K' Nano HD Vision Year

by:XY Screens     2021-10-12
In 2012, the '4K' nano '3D' smart high-definition vision annual tour event jointly created by Shenzhen Projection, SONY, and Digital Home was successfully launched at the Dragon City International Hotel on August 2. Originated from the '4K' nano high-definition projection system jointly launched by Sony and Sony, the '4K' nano and '3D' intelligent projection systems displayed at the event not only attracted the attention of relevant media, but also attracted the attending householders, business personnel, and enterprises. The executives waited brightly. The event includes three links: product technology presentation, high-definition experience, and interactive communication. Each link has brought a huge impact and surprise to everyone's visual senses! It is believed that the '4K' nano high-definition projection system will once again set off a new revolution in projection, bringing a brand-new high-definition vision to the public! The following are the wonderful replay moments of this Taiyuan station tour: sign in at the event site to '4K' nano high-definition '3D' intelligent system projection system to explain the interactive lively scene
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