Rear Fabrics

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The rear fabric is made of PVC and has high transparency. The projection light can be effectively concentrated and reflected onto the imaging surface of the fabric so that no dark spots appear. It is ideal for general low lumen projectors and projectors with high resolution, brightness and contrast. The fabric has a vivid projected image and a large viewing angle, so it plays a leading role in the rear soft screen.

This product provides excellent vertical viewing angles. With its high contrast and brightness, it is the ideal choice for projection screen fabrics.

This rear fabric is a screen material specially designed for rear projection applications. It has a high gain value of 1.0 and is suitable for places with ambient light sources such as clubs, restaurants, trade fairs, conference rooms, exhibition halls and outdoor displays. place. The versatile special fabric design makes the image distribution wider and more uniform and enhances color reproduction and black level performance.

It is an optically rear-projection fabric that can be greatly pasted. The rear projection fabric can be adhered to the window or glass display cabinet according to the needs of the user. The rear-projection fabric features high gain and enhanced contrast and no hot spots, making it suitable for most projection screens.

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