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Front Fabrics

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The front fabrics is one of XY Screens’ products made of special PVC material. By embossing on the surface, incident light can diffuse in all directions and the viewing angle will be enlarged. It effectively makes colors more natural to ensure optimal projection.

The fabric is highly elastic and foldable. It has UV resistance and anti-static properties. The fabric's significant advantages are moisture, fire and dust resistance. It also has excellent aging resistance. Its surface is smooth and the effect is excellent.

It is the most widely used front projection material, with clear image display and wide viewing angle and perfect visual enjoyment. The surface layer is covered with a white reflective composite, and the back of the fabric is made of a black matrix and subjected to a process of making it opaque.

It features high contrast and a highly reflective coating for high gain and sharp images. In particular, it is vivid and natural when presenting a dynamic video or picture. This product is manufactured to provide brighter and more powerful images. The surface is exquisite and smooth, providing the best viewing angle and excellent color reproduction. It perfectly solves some problems in traditional projection fabrics, such as uneven coating, uneven blackness and small viewing angle.

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