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Ultra Thin Frame Projection Screen

The ultra-thin bezel projection screen is uniquely designed by XY Screens' s R&D team and is widely used in home theaters, mini-cinema or commercial venues. It has different fabrics that are optional. Its shell colors include black, white, gray, orange, blue, and gold velvet. The screen is equipped with a 45° angle bracket for easy installation. The screen frame features a special concave design and a seamless connection design.

It features a sturdy extruded aluminum frame with a frame and adopts the thinnest visible frame on the market for maximum viewing. With a framed edge of only 12mm, the ultra-narrow bezel offers an elegant and refined look that is ideal for today's home theater and commercial applications. Its unique design is similar to a premium LED TV but with a larger viewing area. It effectively reflects incident light from the screen to the viewer, effectively absorbing ambient light to enhance screen brightness and contrast.

It effectively protects the human eye. Also, it has no spots on the surface. With advanced surface coating technology, the screen looks brand new for decades and has a service life of more than 10 years.

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