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Ultra Thin Frame Projection Screen

The projection screens developed and designed by XY Screens are elegant and stylish. Its simple and elegant appearance is also one of its most outstanding features, showing high-end quality.

Their reflected light is very soft, showing the best projection effects. The color of the screen is natural and realistic, ensuring that the user is not prone to eye strain when watching the screen for a long time. Our screen light is guaranteed to be evenly distributed and projected onto each display area. Its light gain is high and the viewing effect is good. The surface of the screen is easy to clean, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and highly flame retardant. The fabrics can be used for a long time without fading, no yellowing and no deformation issues.

The product structure is carefully conceived by our experienced designers. With special photographic materials, it perfectly solves the scattering problem of ambient light. It has a powerful viewing angle and a long service life. Its components are all in line with national standards and are harmless to the human body, whether it is the outer casing, fabrics or frame. XY Screens guarantees that there will be no pungent smell emitted for our products for they are totally odorless and environmentally-friendly.

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