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Projector Brackets

The projector bracket is a type of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted projector bracket designed by XY Screens. This new versatile projector bracket is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy and has a very strong structure. It is worth mentioning that its maximum load can reach 25kg. Its surface has been subjected to a professional coating process, which makes it very resistant to rust and dust. Its working life can be guaranteed for decades. Its innovative design provides better projection screen fixation and mounting techniques.

The projection bracket is equipped with an extension rod that provides a total drop height of 426 mm from the ceiling to the projector. A short rod is also installed and can be mounted close to the ceiling with a total length of 110mm. It contains screw parts that are of national standard, which makes parts replacement easy and saves maintenance costs.

This part is very easy to assemble and install. Its length, height and angle are adjustable. The bracket can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and ±15 degrees vertically and can be used with more than 90% of projectors mounted on walls or ceilings. Also, its cable can be hidden in the tube to ensure a visually pleasing appearance.

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