Ambient Light Rejecting Fabrics

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The front and back of the acoustically transparent fabrics made by XY Screens are white in color and the material is made of fiber and soft PVC. It can be widely used in various projection screen products such as ultra-thin frame projection screens, fixed-frame projection screens, and electric projection screens.

The holes in the fabric can effectively minimize the effect of the fabric on the image quality, making the image more realistic and refined. The sound can smoothly penetrate the screen through these holes on the fabrics. Therefore, it can be perfectly combined with the sound system that is placed behind the screen to make the image and sound perfectly blended. This fabric can be used to maximize the transmission of the original sound. Its main application is in places such as cinemas where the requirements for sound transmission are high.

It is a highly transparent material with high transmission performance. Its good reflective ability can reduce the visual fatigue of the human eye and its fabric surface is rich in texture, giving it excellent color performance. It can be guaranteed that the fabric can greatly improve the brightness, color and fidelity of the picture.

Applying this fabric to the projection screen helps provide high optical gain and sharp images. In particular, it can present dynamic video or images vividly and naturally, making it ideal for movies, 3D automation and computer gaming applications.

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