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Ambient Light Rejecting Fabrics

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The ambient light rejecting fabrics from XY Screens is made of PET or PVC and its surface is coated with a light-resistant coating. It is a high-gain fabric that can effectively enhance the contrast of the picture and effectively resist the ambient light interference. It features strong ambient light suppression and high gain and is often used in top theaters.

The fabric is a gray-black reflective optical fabric that, when combined with a projector with high brightness, provides excellent suppression of ambient light. In the case of complex ambient light, the fabric can achieve very good picture effects.

The fabric has a strong ability to reflect light and the surface is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with only soap and water.

The fabric has undergone a very comprehensive surface embossing process, which can better contribute to reflecting the color reproduction and maximizing the detail on the screen. Moreover, it has a wide viewing angle of up to 160°.

The smoothness of the fabric makes it ideal for home theater users. It can reduce the reflected light of the white level of the image. The contrast of the projection screen made by this product is more layered, and it has perfect consistency in color reproduction and black and white layer performance.

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