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XY Fabric

As the most diverse projection screen fabrics manufacturer in Guangzhou, China, XY Screens has more than 20 kinds of projection screen fabrics including ambient light rejecting fabric, acoustically transparent fabric, front PVC fabric, and rear PVC fabric. All of our fabrics are made of environmentally friendly PVC or PET, which is non-toxic, non-polluting and odor-free. These fabrics have low eye irritation and are safer to use.

The advantages of these fabrics are large viewing angles and natural colors. It is characterized by good flatness, high gain and high brightness. They are not easily damaged and have a long service life. Especially when displaying dynamic videos or pictures, our fabrics have a strong sense of layering and depth to make the images vivid and lifelike, especially suitable for movies, 3D animation and game display.

Our products have good color reproduction, and they are widely applied to the projection screen to ensure soft light. Our fabrics are smooth and light in weight. They have a very high degree of flatness and are not affected by the temperature which causes curling. They are treated with our special process and their physical parameters are stable.

The biggest feature of them is their high degree of light regression. Their reflected light returns in the direction of the incident light, ensuring a high photometric coefficient and a certain collection of light.


Acoustically Transparent Fabrics
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