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2017 US Infocomm Exhibition, invites you to appreciate the visual feast

by:XY Screens     2021-10-12
The 2017 American International Audiovisual Technology and System Integration Exhibition InfoComm is the top professional audiovisual integration equipment and technology exhibition in North America. The annual InfoComm will be held in Orlando, USA from June 14th to 16th. The organizer, the American International Information Exchange Industry Association, set the exhibition to be held alternately in Orlando and Las Vegas. More than 300 educational seminars, manufacturer seminars, industry conferences, etc. will also be held during the exhibition. This exhibition brings together audio-visual technologies and solutions used in education and training, transportation, security, medical, entertainment, construction, enterprises and government departments. The exhibits cover a wide range and are determined to present a high-end professional exhibition for the industry. As technology matures, how to make better use of existing technical resources and provide novel solutions has become the focus of attention in the industry. The much anticipated 2017 American International Audiovisual Technology Exhibition and System Integration Exhibition (InfoComm) will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from June 14th to 16th. Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to come and visit , Booth No. BOOTH#525; will exhibit important products such as ultra-short throw anti-light screen, dome cinema system, etc. Welcome to come and experience. I hope you can come to us and wait for you at the exhibition, see or leave, thank you! Ultra-short-focus anti-light screen 1. Special optical structure, which can effectively absorb ambient light and restore the true projection color. 2. With the revolutionary product developed by the ultra-short throw projector, the projection distance is only 35-60 cm, and the picture can reach 80. 3. The screen shading layer blocks the ambient light, so that the picture has the best contrast effect; You need to turn off the lights and project again. 4. The picture is soft and smooth, and the eyes will not be fatigued after long viewing. It can effectively protect the eyes compared with traditional projection screens and increase the contrast by 8 times (compared with the white plastic screen). Dome theater system The dome starry sky (hemisphere) system has a wide vision and a very three-dimensional effect; it displays images with high technology, which is fashionable and shocking; the projected images have bright colors and clear images. There is a strong sense of space and a strong visual impact. Because the screen has a large span of 10 meters in diameter, technicians designed an adjustable device on the back to ensure the curvature and integrity of the spherical surface. This system is suitable for large-scale dome theaters, digital planetariums and other fields. Projection effect: A complete and continuous picture is projected on the spherical dome screen. The slanted dome of the spherical dome contains both the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of the audience in the screen; it projects high-resolution, large-view images and images, bringing a novel visual experience to the audience and making the audience feel strong The visual shock and the immersive feeling are especially suitable for movies that show large scenes such as the universe, the earth, and the ocean. System function: Processing and outputting multi-channel image signals to form a seamless, continuous, uniform brightness, and perfect chromaticity large picture. With DVI-I port, compatible with DVI-D and VGA signals, supporting various graphics workstations and projectors. The accuracy of geometric correction is up to 0.1 pixels to keep the projected image from distortion or distortion. Can quickly and conveniently perform brightness and color correction on projection images of different channels to ensure uniform brightness and consistent color.  Perform edge fusion processing on multi-channel images, support edge fusion of flat screens, ring screens, dome screens, secondary curved screens, etc., and support XGA 1024×768, SXGA 1280×800, and 1400x1050 image resolutions. Projection screen SNOWHITE (spherical theater fusion screen) In the multi-channel edge fusion seamless display system, the screen gives the audience the most intuitive visual experience, so the choice of the screen is very important. Choosing an inappropriate screen may destroy the visual effect of the image, while choosing the right screen can significantly improve the image quality of the picture, and can display high-definition, high-contrast images under various ambient light conditions. The screen applied to the multi-channel projection seamless display system must take into account multiple indicators such as viewing angle, gain, contrast, uniformity, anti-ambient light characteristics, etc., and must have the following characteristics: The entire screen is seamless: first eliminate the physical gap of the screen, regardless of Choose a hard screen or a soft screen. Only by ensuring that the entire screen is seamless can a truly seamless display be achieved. Wide viewing angle: The screen of the multi-channel edge fusion system must ensure a wide viewing angle, otherwise, it is difficult to uniformly process the optical de-imaging in the optical overlap area. Gain: In the multi-channel edge fusion system, the screen gain is recommended to be 1.2 or less. The effect of the fusion area will be very good. It is not recommended to use a higher gain screen. Otherwise, the viewing angle will be greatly restricted and the fusion area will become obvious. Uniformity: The uniformity of the screen must be good, otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the brightness and uniformity of the entire screen. Flatness: As a multi-channel edge fusion system, the flatness of the screen is the basis for the consistency of the picture, and it is necessary to ensure that the screen itself has good flatness. The flatness of the screen is not only related to the quality of the screen itself, but also related to the way the screen is fixed. It is recommended to use a high-quality screen frame. Contrast: It is recommended that the screen has a good contrast, but the contrast is not too high. If the contrast is too high, the overlapped part of the image will be difficult to debug. Pay attention to the official account to participate in the lottery prizes: first prize, second prize, third prize First prize: notebook Second prize: cup Third prize: WeChat Mall 20 points Lottery rules: 1. Two lucky draw opportunities every day, Each time 1 point is consumed, the points can be obtained in the check-in in the micro SHOW under the WeChat public account. 2. Learn knowledge, read the official account soft article, follow the official account to reply to the lottery, click on me to start the activity! Participate in the lottery. 3. Click to read the original text, you can directly participate in the lucky draw.
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