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2018 CES ended perfectly

by:XY Screens     2021-10-11
Just a few days ago (January 15), the 4-day CES 2018 (the 51st International Consumer Electronics Show) ended in Las Vegas, USA. CES is the world's largest and influential consumer electronics technology exhibition. Every time we are stunned by the various technologies and products displayed, it has become a vane in the science and technology industry. This CES attracted many Chinese manufacturers, and China Intelligent Manufacturing is an important label. With the rapid development of science and technology today, the best way to understand the trend of science and technology is to watch exhibitions. As one of the largest technology exhibitions, the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) at the beginning of each year attracts technology manufacturers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. It is also a platform for us to understand cutting-edge technology. Haven't thought about the effect of all the billboards floating up when we go shopping in the mall? Hypervsn at CES2018 brought us such an LED rotating display image device, this device can display any shape of video or photo floating, to put it simply, it is to display images on a high-speed rotating electric fan. Because the brightness and saturation of the Led rotating display image device is high enough, the display effect of the device is amazing enough. At the same time, the refresh rate of the device is high enough, and the video is played smoothly without jitter. Coupled with a good resolution, it is clear enough even from a distance, which is equivalent to the display effect of the LED splicing wall. Led rotating display image device However, it is worth noting that the boundary between the components can be seen by careful observation of the device after stitching, but it is not very obvious. And when you look carefully, there are differences in brightness between different components, which is a small pity. Since the background can be seen through the rotating arm, a single component looks like a floating display when it is running. Compared with traditional display devices, the visual experience is very different. There are also many black technologies related to visual aspects, so I won't cover them one by one here (you can search CES if you are interested). Our company is also actively developing, SABOX for home theater is one of our Ru0026D achievements. Follow us for more exciting
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