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2018 Holland ISE Exhibition丨Invite you to go to the Dutch appointment together

by:XY Screens     2021-10-11
ISE is by far the most successful audio-visual and system integration exhibition held in Europe. In fact, ISE is the professional audio-visual exhibition with the largest number of visitors in the world. The exhibition is co-organized by InfoComm International and The Custom Electronic Design u0026 Installation Association. The most influential industry organization in China. The exhibition brings together audio-visual technologies and solutions used in education and training, transportation, security, medical care, entertainment, construction, enterprises and government departments. The exhibits cover a wide range of entertainment technologies, displays and screens, and digital signage systems. A high-end show of the latest international technology and fashion trends in other fields. From February 6th to February 9th, 2018, the European Professional Audiovisual Integrated Equipment Exhibition (ISE 2018) will be held at the RAI Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a projection display technology company, it will grandly launch the hottest ultra-short throw anti-light curtain at the ISE exhibition. The anti-light curtain adopts a special optical sawtooth structure. Real feedback of the image, get a high-contrast image. Such screens have the advantages of resisting ambient light and increasing contrast; anti-light curtains are different according to the principle of light resistance. Some use physical structures to achieve light resistance, and some use optical coatings to achieve light resistance. The essential principle is actually to refract the light irradiated from different directions into the eyes of the viewer. The white wall is the effect of diffuse reflection, that is, after the light hits the white wall, the light is emitted to the surroundings, so the brightness of the picture will be reduced, and the specially designed anti-light curtain concentrates the light on the viewer. Direction, so the brightness of the picture is higher. Pictured: Employees introducing products to foreign customers Pictured: When a handsome foreign guy meets a beautiful girl... Pictured: When a handsome foreign guy meets a beautiful girl... Pictured: Dutch couples are communicating with employees Pictured: Foreign friends passing by have also developed a keen interest in the anti-light curtain. Pictured: The staff and foreign customers took a group photo in front of the exhibition hall in 2018, which has fully expanded to the world and will change the horizon at the same time! ! !
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