2020IAV International Audiovisual Carnival and Audiovisual Industry Summit Forum was grandly held in

'2020IAV International Audiovisual Carnival and Audiovisual Industry Summit Forum' was grandly held in Shenzhen Bay! I'm on the scene! ! !

by:XY Screens     2021-09-30
On November 26-27, the 2020 IAV International Audio-visual Carnival and Audio-visual Industry Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen Bay. It is located on the third and fourth floors of Building 8, Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park. The plaza covers an area of u200bu200bapproximately 8,000 square meters. This offline mainly includes exhibitions, high-end forums, awards ceremonies, product T-stage shows, corporate special conferences and audio-visual events. As we all know, the actual function of offline exhibitions is seeing is believing. This seeing also includes viewing exhibits up close, understanding the strength of enterprises, visiting enterprise booths, etc. The first Shenzhen International Audiovisual Carnival (IAV) will start with a two-line integration The new model of the company allows offline and online to complement each other, dual-line drive, and win-win development! Consolidate new audiovisual, creative new culture, hope that we will work together for a win-win situation and compose a new chapter together! Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. was established on September 9, 2002, and 2020 is the 18th year. There are two production bases in Shenzhen and Anhui. The company’s main products include: home theater projection screens, digital theater projection screens, customized super large project screens, ring screen theater systems, 3D theater systems, large screen fusion systems, dome theater systems, phantom imaging and other screens and other diversified features. , Can be customized according to user needs. As the last link in the projection system, the projection screen is the place where the picture is directly displayed, and its importance cannot be questioned. With people’s increasing awareness of projection knowledge and increasing understanding of projection display technology, the future market demand for projection screens will continue to grow, and the expansion of education, government, business and home markets will continue to be market sales. Mainstream. Ultra-short-focus interactive hard screen (Fresnel) on the exhibition site: Ultra-short-focus interactive hard screen is a combination of ultra-short-throw projector and Fresnel interactive screen projection technology, which can realize infrared writing, paperless office and teaching. Relying on the network can also realize remote visualized synchronous teaching and office work and video conferencing. The ultra-short-focus interactive screen is embedded with infrared sensing function modules, which integrates the ultra-short-focus projector and Fresnel screen technology to achieve interactive functions, and truly realizes the concept of interactive projection. It can be separated from the computer and the mouse, and directly interact with the PPT through the finger/interactive pen. Dome theater system: The dome starry sky (hemisphere) system has a wide vision and a very three-dimensional effect; it displays images with high technology, which is fashionable and shocking; the projected images are bright in color and clear. It has a strong sense of space and a strong visual impact. Because the screen has a large span of 10 meters in diameter, technicians designed an adjustable device on the back to ensure the curvature and integrity of the spherical surface. This system is suitable for large-scale dome theaters, digital planetariums and other fields. The rear-projection spherical screen interactive spherical screen system is a new type of spherical screen projection demonstration device, which breaks the limitation that the projected image can only be a flat regular pattern in the past. With the combination of its seamless optical resin dome and high-lumen projector, the dome shows a super shocking dynamic visual effect. The principle is that the projector is placed at the bottom of the spherical screen, and the signal is reflected and projected onto the spherical screen for visualization. Make the whole sphere look like a sci-fi crystal ball, which can attract the attention of visitors. The dome screen can display documents, pictures, videos, etc., and interactive touch control can be performed on the dome screen. Switch, zoom and move pictures, videos, etc. Holographic projection screen Holographic screen is a kind of thin translucent screen. The texture is light and soft, the image is clear, and the screen has good light transmittance, which can well reflect the combination of the projected picture and the real scene. The screen material is environmentally friendly, cleanable, flame-retardant, and has good tensile strength. Optional size: width 3 meters \ 5.2 meters, length 50-100 meters, can be spliced u200bu200boptional colors: black, dark gray, light gray, white. Projection screens are widely used in home theaters, living room TVs, schools, banks, government agencies, museums, meteorological bureaus, five-star theaters, military, auditoriums, enterprises, hotels, high-level conference rooms, etc.
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