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3D concept-the composition of three-dimensional images

by:XY Screens     2021-10-09
The most basic principle of 3D is to integrate the different images of the left eye and right eye into the head. From the end of last year, whether it is 3D movies, 3D TV, 3D computer games and even the most crazy World Cup football match, everyone is going crazy 3D. Since Pixar’s 'Toy Story' movie started more than ten years ago, it has opened a new era of 3D animation. When we were younger, we had brought a kind of small paper-like glasses into the cinema to watch 3D movies. Why After a decade or so, the so-called 3D audio-visual enjoyment has swept over again, especially this year’s movies don’t seem to have 3D special effects. If high-end TVs don’t have 3D effects, it’s like spending the Mid-Autumn Festival without barbecue. It feels like life is missing a taste- Make the image more three-dimensional sensory taste. Now we see all kinds of 3D vision, which is actually a kind of stereo vision. Let's use a simple example to illustrate that when taking pictures, we like to take a picture-portraits in the front and beautiful scenery in the back, but this time The landscape and the portrait are stuck together, without a strong sense of 'distance' from each other. If we divide this photo into two photos in a three-dimensional way, one portrait is closer to your eyes, and the other landscape is farther from you. Then we tilt the body 45 degrees to the left to look at this image, the perception of distance will be clearer, and the scenery behind will feel a little farther away; on the contrary, if we tilt 45 degrees to the right and look at this group of photos, we have the same feeling. Miraculous things have appeared! If you merge the images seen from the left and right, there will be a 'three-dimensional effect' of a portrait floating in front of your eyes and a landscape behind. Now we see the three-dimensionality in front of a theater or TV. Sense is the so-called 3D visualization, so not so much watching 3D video, it is actually a three-dimensional image seen through parallax. Wearing polarized glasses is the mainstream way to enjoy the effects of 3D. This is the concept, but talented developers use a variety of technologies to let the audience feel the three-dimensional sense of the image. Wear red basket lenses and dark green and black polarizers to the shutter mirrors of high-end 3D TVs at home. These three-dimensional image technologies, new or old, still appear in front of you and me alive.
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