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3D display technology and cold 4K equipment in 2013

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
After 'AvatarHowever, 3D technology seems to have insufficient stamina in time, and 3D equipment is no longer easy to sell. People gradually find that it is a waste to spend money on a function that is impossible to use. In contrast, people are more willing to go to the theater to watch 3D movies. . This can also be seen from the just held CES2013 exhibition, 3D technology has become a yellow flower in the sunset, on the contrary, 4K technology has become more and more intense, becoming another trend in the display field. Many manufacturers have exhibited 4K LCD TVs, such as the 110-inch largest 4K TV in the world exhibited by TCL. In addition, domestic manufacturers such as Konka Hisense also exhibited 4K TVs. As a natural large-screen display device, the projector is naturally unwilling to lag behind. In early 2012, Sony announced the launch of the 4K home projector VW1000ES. In addition, the Japanese manufacturer JVC also updated its main 4K projector in 2013. 4K resolution can display more content. The so-called 4K refers to the resolution of 4K×2K (3840×2160), which is about 8 million pixels. The resolution is 4 times of full HD 1080P resolution and 8 times of HD resolution. . The advantage of 4K technology lies in the extremely delicate display effect, with a larger viewing angle, and a stronger visual impact, which solves the problem of missing details of large-screen display devices and cannot be truly restored. In fact, 4K technology and 3D technology have many similarities. The starting points of these two technologies are the same, and both are intended to give viewers a more realistic experience, but the direction of development is different. 4K is moving towards a finer road, which is also the path that display devices have been following. It is the backbone of the development of display devices. From 720P to 1080P, the resolution of display devices continues to increase, which is an irreversible trend. The 3D technology is developing in a more three-dimensional direction. This technology is like a branch on the main trunk. It is hopeful that it will grow luxuriantly, but the nutrition is not enough at present, so the growth has stagnated. The 4K TV shown by TCL at CES 2013 has many reasons for the lack of nutrition. The most important thing is the lack of film source. Due to the complex production of 3D movies, there are not many 3D movies with real effects. Many movies called 3D are actually only The subtitles are in 3D, and some TV programs that are known as 3D only broadcast the same program repeatedly. Over time, the audience loses interest. The second is the issue of acquisition. The source of 3D movies occupies a lot of storage space, which is not convenient for people to download and watch, and the price of Blu-ray discs is unaffordable for many consumers. The 4K technology of Sony’s home 4K projectors is currently facing the same problem. At present, 4K resolution devices are gradually being marketed, but there is no way for audiences to obtain 4K film sources. 4K movies require more storage space, which may be a problem. 4 times the size of a 3D movie, so that even Blu-ray discs cannot be stored. Although 4K TV channels have been launched in Europe, the quantity and quality of the programs are still a problem. Besides, for Chinese consumers, the launch of 4K TV channels is It is very far away, even if it starts, most viewers will not be able to watch it, because it is unrealistic to watch 1080P TV programs now. It can be seen from this that 4K technology is actually facing the same problems as 3D technology, that is, supporting facilities and industries have not yet formed. These problems cannot be solved in the short term, but in the case of weak 3D technology, manufacturers have to fight The banner of 4K. 2013 is destined to be a year of high exposure for 4K equipment. Whether it is LCD TVs or projectors, you can feel it from the CES exhibition at the beginning of the year. Behind this hustle and bustle, whether 4K technology can really set sail is still unknown. But it is definitely not wise to buy 4K equipment now.
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