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3D industry accelerates the pace of upgrading the entire industry chain

by:XY Screens     2021-10-09
Boosted by the popularity of the 3D movie 'AvatarThe unique 3D experience will enable 3D TV to reinterpret the various applications of TV. According to the news from the 8th China International 3D Stereoscopic Video Forum held a few days ago, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has decided to launch the 3D TV pilot channel on January 1, 2012, which will be officially launched in the Spring Festival of 2012. The construction of 3D TV channels will be entrusted to CCTV to take the lead, and CCTV, Beijing TV, Shanghai Radio and Television and other TV stations will jointly provide 3D channel content. At the same time, the extensive influence of 3D TV will also radiate to the mobile terminal and the Internet terminal. Mobile phone users and multimedia broadcast TV viewers can enjoy 3D programs in real time. At the same time, many domestic TV stations are preparing 3D channels. According to industry insiders, the launch of 3D TV channels means that the popularity of 3D TV has entered an accelerated stage. In recent years, my country's 3D TV products have seen significant growth. Online statistics from Zhongguancun show that as of September this year, 188 3D TVs have been released in the domestic market. According to data from GFK (China), one of the world's top five market research institutions, 'The domestic retail sales of 3D LCD TVs in the third quarter was 1.07 million units, an increase of 121% from the previous quarter, and the market share rose from 2% in the first quarter to 12%. 'Analyzed by industry insiders, 3D TV products are becoming more abundant and the prices are more affordable, providing consumers with more room for choice. From the perspective of the industry chain, the launch of 3D TV channels and the acceleration of the popularization of 3D TV will benefit cable operators, content service providers and TV terminal manufacturers. Operators need to provide new operating models; in addition, if 3D programs are successfully launched, color TV manufacturers will usher in an increase in demand for product updates, and color TV companies will also add new products to adapt to future development trends, which is good for its composition; instead of formal To prepare for the launch of a 3D channel, it is very important to increase the production volume of 3D content. Sufficient film sources from content service providers will also be one of the important supports for industry promotion. In the context of the ever-increasing number of 3D companies and the endless emergence of 3D products, 3D companies must accelerate their research and development on the front end of the industry chain, namely the core technology of 3D products in the field of 3D content production, and continue to improve the corresponding upstream and downstream industry chains if they want to achieve great development. system. Therefore, experts suggest that the popularization of 3D technology and 3D products is an important step for my country’s 3D industry to achieve leapfrog development. 3D companies should seize the favorable opportunities for 3D industry construction and strive to promote 3D technological achievements to achieve economic and social benefits. Good harvest'.
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