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3D London Olympics arrive in 2020 or adopt 8K technology

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
Unlike previous Olympics, this London Olympics will give hundreds of millions of spectators around the world the first opportunity to watch the 3D Olympics, thus bringing new charm to this influential ancient sports event. For the first time, viewers around the world have the opportunity to watch the 3D Olympics. At the 2012 London Olympics, the video signals transmitted by the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) to broadcasters in each country will be transmitted in high-definition format. In addition, the opening and closing ceremonies and events broadcast on the large LED screen in the venue will also be transmitted in the form of high-definition video. The most cutting-edge equipment and technologies will be used in this event one by one, such as the latest integrated dual-lens 3D camera, etc. These equipment and technologies will provide support for the first ever 3D Olympic Games.  In addition, large-screen display technology will once again shine in the Olympic Games. In the Beijing Olympic Games before, the high-brightness engineering machine and LED splicing screen played an important role. Relevant sources said that the London Olympic Park will install the world's smallest and lightest high-brightness, high-quality compact 20,000 lumens projector for the opening ceremony. In addition, Panasonic will provide the largest number of LED screens and the largest LED display ever in the competition venues. In indoor competition venues, a 103-inch PDP display screen will be used in the Olympic Games for the first time. NHK's 8K cameras are expected to be used in the 2020 Olympics. The London Olympics will use the latest large-screen technology and 3D technology to allow global audiences to experience the charm of the Olympics. After two sessions, the 2020 Olympics will hopefully adopt 8K technology. Not long ago, Japan’s NHK and JVC jointly developed the latest Super Hi-Vision ultra-high-definition audio-visual system based on 8K technology, with an image resolution of 7680×4320. With this success, NHK hopes to use ultra-high-definition video and audio transmission signals to broadcast live international sports events in 2020. Compared with the development speed of high-definition images in the world, China’s current situation is relatively backward. At present, most viewers are still watching TV signals that cannot even reach 720P resolution. Therefore, even if the London Olympics adopts the latest high-definition technology, China The audience still cannot watch such high-definition effects for the first time.
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