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3d multi-screen fusion

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
With the continuous integration and development of display technology and control technology, in the field of high-end engineering, the large-screen image display formed by splicing has been widely used. The super-large picture, multi-screen display, and clear and realistic The display effect has greatly improved the work efficiency of surveillance, security, conferences, and other fields, and at the same time promoted the rapid progress of the technical level of these industries. Projector large-screen splicing system knowledge to understand Henan projector large-screen splicing display system integrator Shangying Display Henan's most professional dual-projector splicing, three-projector splicing, four-projector splicing project, construction company, projection large-screen splicing projector, recommended brand: NEC/ Panasonic/DP/Samsung projector selection: engineering highlight projector splicing server selection: stable performance engineering splicing server Henan projection large screen splicing recommended engineering contractor: seamless splicing technology for seamless image fusion display is an important technology among them one. In recent years, with the development of software and hardware technology, seamless splicing technology has entered a very mature stage, and has been widely used in command and control, virtual simulation training, industrial manufacturing design, scientific research and complex decision-making processes. Applications in the fields of visual entertainment and advertising are becoming more and more common. Seamless splicing technology is a special and demanding projection display application that can realize the fusion of multi-screen images and minimize the splicing gap to completely overlap the splicing technology. The seamless splicing technology not only requires a complete super large screen, but also has special requirements for the projection used to project a super large screen. At present, the seamless integration of ultra-large images can be achieved through high-end projectors with built-in seamless splicing technology or through an external seamless splicing processor. The development of seamless splicing technology has experienced three stages of pure hardware integration technology, pure software integration technology and software and hardware integration technology.
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