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3d printed projector | geneva drive

by:XY Screens     2019-11-14
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Link to the manufacturer Muse project I re-mixed: saw a video on youtube and Instructure Ables about the manufacturer Muse Geneva drive, but it was just used as a demo.
The Geneva drive holds its position before moving quickly to the next location.
I was inspired by this and I did my best to redesign and mix the Geneva drives in these 6 locations into a 3D printed 12-frame automatic projector!
This is what Geneva Avenue looks like, and I am re-integrated.
I had to figure out how to double the number of positions and install a spinning wheel on top of the slide.
I\'m not an engineer so I\'m glad it works and how the final design is implemented! LS-
3006 servo motor 360 degrees3CH digital multi-servo tester 4 x AA battery seat with cable P connector 12-36 inch month. (
Jameco: 2278463)Nebo 6272-
A micro red line oc led flashlight-
360 LUX pendant magnifying glass 5x1 3/4 3D printed attachment.
The template image is also in the zip file.
You can make some changes.
Any bright flashlight of roughly the same size can work.
The servo can be controlled with the mircrocontroller or the components on the breadboard, but the material listed is what I use.
Search for \"local 3D printing service\" if you don\'t have a 3d printer \". \" Print at 0.
2mm and the servo and battery will be connected to the servo controller without support.
Pay attention to wire color, black-
Negative and redpositive.
As shown in the figure, 3D print the redesigned Geneva drive and assemble the parts together.
Test by inserting the battery and rotating the nob on the controller.
The controller will rotate it forward or backward and the speed can be adjusted.
There are two parts of the wheel. (
It\'s easier to print in this way)
One side will rub against the other.
Printing these parts can be slower because thin vertical parts require more time and care when printing.
I created this PNG image and added a high contrast image so that the light and dark areas actually show up when projected.
I then took the image to a nearby printing center and asked for it to be printed on transparency.
These slides will also help to wedge and secure the wheel parts together.
When you turn on the flashlight, the image is very blurry when projected onto the wall.
We need to focus on the light.
You may notice that the image is upside down.
Slides can be flipped vertically, so the projected image is correct.
This 5X magnifying glass will be installed in a 3D print stand and can be placed around until the projected image is focused.
Later, I tried two 5X magnifying glasses to get a larger image.
Everything is ready, now is the time to get it to work.
Turn it on and the light projects the image onto the wall and focuses through a magnifying glass.
Looks better in a very dark room.
I think it\'s a fun educational device and I hope you like it!
Thank you very much for watching!
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