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3D projection screen makes classroom teaching more interesting

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
In today's technological era, our lives are surrounded by technology all the time. Children face a large amount of image information from advertisements, online videos, and social networking sites every day. They hope that the classroom will be equally lively and interesting. The launch of the 3D movie 'Avatar' gave us a taste of the charm of 3D projection screen display technology. With the rapid development of projection systems, 3D projection has increasingly become an important method for improving students' academic performance and classroom participation. The application of 3D technology can make the classroom more interesting, better capture the attention and imagination of students, and let them devote themselves to learning. Imagine using 3D technology to teach children anatomy, geography, history, or nature lessons. Then, after school, the children excitedly describe the content of the biology lesson to their parents. This is the magic of 3D teaching! 3D projection screen teaching can also deepen children's subjective knowledge of the ability modules they have learned. Through teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction and habitat interaction, the autonomy of students is fully mobilized, and the development of their independence and innovation ability is promoted. Flexible teaching methods and learning methods can give students a great degree of freedom in their behavior and thoughts, prompt them to think and solve problems independently, and enhance their self-consciousness and innovative ability.
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