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3D ring projection screen villa theater development trend

by:XY Screens     2021-10-09
At present, global projector sales are growing at a rate of about 15% each year, and the Chinese projector market is growing at a rate of more than 20%. The sales volume of the Chinese projector market in 2011 reached 1 million units, 1.6 million units in 2012, and 1.88 million units in 2013. China has become the second largest projection market after the United States. With the global economic growth slowing down due to the financial crisis, China is undoubtedly a very promising market. Among the many projector products, the home theater projector is the most concerned. After several years of growth, with the rapid increase in the number of home-use projectors, the number, performance and demand for home projection products have also doubled. Home theaters have gradually changed from the original LCD TV, VCD, DVD, and rear projection TV It is replaced by 3D ring screen projection, because in addition to the absolute advantages of brightness, picture quality, resolution, clarity, and image size, the price of 3D ring screen projection is also declining. In the past, the only way to feel the visual impact when watching a movie was to go to a movie show. Now, the development of home theater has reached and surpassed the effect of theater in some aspects. Due to its own attributes, human vision should be a circular spherical space, and the 3D ring screen theater uses seamless splicing and edge fusion technology to make the display carrier into a ring that is more suitable for human eyeball habits, so that it looks more It has a visual impact and a more shocking effect. It is understood that the current 3D home theater technology has developed very mature, and the 3D playback server has complete functions. It can not only meet the basic functions of surface correction, color adjustment, seamless splicing, and edge fusion, but also has the ability to control low pixels and large screens. The emergence of images, the indiscriminate processing of multimedia multi-formats, and the control of playback from time to time.
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