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3D screens accounted for 64% and 58% of the total commercial screens

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
According to the '2011-2012 China Film Industry Research Report' released by E-En Consulting, the number of 3D screens in China has developed rapidly in recent years, increasing from the initial 82 yuan to the current 5355 yuan. Although the growth rate of 3D screens in 2011 was higher than that of the top 2 The year has decreased, but the number of 3D screens has increased to 3,335, accounting for 64% and 58% of digital screens and all commercial screens, respectively. At the end of 2011, there were 63,825 active screens in the world, of which 35,979 or 56% supported 3D, which was significantly lower than the 64% of the previous year. Although the proportion of screens with added 3D functions in digital screens declined, in 2011, new The number of additional 3D screens reached a new high of 13,500 yuan, surpassing the 13,000 yuan a year ago.   At present, the number of IMAX cinema screens in the world has reached about 528, of which more than 170 are digital screens and 350 are film screens. Both digital screens support 3D projection, and some of the film screens support 3D projection. In addition, some science and technology museums and museums are also equipped with IMAX screens. The number of IMAX screens in the United States reached 342, ranking first in the world.   According to relevant decision-making think tank data, as of the end of 2011, the number of IMAX screens in China was 74, and it is expected that the number of IMAX screens will increase to 217 by 2013.   On February 18, 2012, China and the United States had reached 74 IMAX screens in China by the end of 2011, more than double the number of 'Avatar' screens in 2010, and reached an agreement on a memorandum of understanding to resolve WTO film-related issues. The quota for China's imported blockbuster movies will be further opened up from the original 20 to 34, and 3D and IMAX blockbusters will be the main ones. At the same time, the US box office share ratio will increase from 13% to 25%. Analysis believes that increasing the introduction of imported films, especially 3D, IMAX and other blockbuster films, means that at least one 3D or IMAX film can be seen every month. This not only solves the existing insufficient utilization of IMAX theaters, but also further promotes Large-scale construction of domestic IMAX or DMAX theaters. Especially with the maturity of the domestically developed DMAX technology, DMAX technology is likely to replace IMAX as the primary choice for domestic giant screen theaters in the future.
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