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3D technology 4K resolution resolution

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
If there is any technology that can make people stand on the booth carefully aftertaste, 4K is one of them. The so-called 4K is an image with a resolution of 4096*2160 (or a slightly 3840*2160 standard), which is 3 times higher than the current full HD, that is, in a 4K screen, you can put 4 full HD screens. We have just entered the era of full HD. You may wonder the meaning of 4K-what does it do with such a high resolution? But the human eye is like this. Once you experience the 'eye-catching' picture, you will immediately look at the old products. Pleasing to the eye. Every time we come out of the manufacturer’s 4K demo room, we will doubt whether the full HD TV around us has been manipulated-why the picture is not detailed! More than 50 inches, the distance is about 2 meters, you will obviously feel the 4K and Full HD picture the difference. For both passive glasses and naked eye 3D technologies, 4K is also the only magic weapon to improve image quality. Because these two technologies use half of the pixels for the display of the left eye and right eye images, if a full HD panel is used, there will only be a 'half HD' image in the eyes of the user, and it is easy to see roughness on the large screen. Once 4K technology is adopted as the display basis, the picture will be much more delicate immediately, and the resolution will be halved to exceed the effect of full HD. Therefore, if 3D is used as a driving force for the application of 4K, it is not indispensable. Walking on the road of display technology reincarnation Let us look back at the road that HD has taken: Professional TV agencies propose technical models-Broadcasting and TV manufacturers begin to design professional equipment-TVs are moving towards HD with the popularity of large-size flat panels-DVD through up-conversion, etc. Ways attempted to solve the problem of film sources-civilian high-definition cameras appeared-Blu-ray players that met high-definition film sources appeared-HD broadcasting began, officially entering the complete high-definition era. Counting from the completion of the first HD trial broadcast in China in 1999, this process took 12 years. And even today, most of the programs we watch are still in standard definition. Professional attempts-display terminal upgrade-signal source upgrade-broadcast (sharing) system upgrade, this is basically a clear routine for the development of the TV field. At present, 3D TV has taken half of the path, and we seem to be able to see the future. Although the pace of 4K has just begun, the entire system is already well-designed and fully presented in front of the audience at CES. The display side is the most lively. From large-size 4K LCD screens to 4K projectors and 4K panels-the display quality is completely comparable to that of printed matter, 4K TVs seem to be ready to come out. There is also the first portable 4K camera shown by a well-known manufacturer that can record 2 hours of 4K video on a 32GB SD card. Still worried about the 4K signal source? No problem. A Japanese manufacturer released the first Blu-ray player that supports full HD to 4K up-conversion. Another manufacturer also demonstrated the ICC image algorithm. The processed full HD image is displayed on a 4K TV. Such a wealth of details makes people in awe of the image enhancement technology. Looking at it in this way, 4K has fully embarked on the professional end, display end, shooting end, and signal source. The determination of manufacturers to promote 4K is clear. At present, 4K resolution has the most promising development prospects in the field of large-screen displays. After all, the display and The screen size of the TV is limited, so that after making the screen clear to a certain extent, the higher resolution will undoubtedly produce waste. The big screen is different, because the screen size is huge, 4K resolution can be used. As the top standard in the display field, 4K resolution appeared in front of people in an unprecedented posture in the first quarter of 2012, spanning multiple terminals in the display fields such as projection, TV, monitor, graphics card, and mobile phone. It also took 4K as one of the key promotion and selling points, and began a wide-ranging market warm-up. Although it seems that 4K is still very far away from people's lives, it is undeniable that 2012 will be the first year of 4K taking off, and perhaps the popularity of 4K will far exceed people's expectations.
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