3M Vikuiti film can transform any smooth surface into a rear projection screen Technology introducti

[3M Vikuiti film can transform any smooth surface into a rear projection screen] Technology introduction 3M

by:XY Screens     2021-11-10
The fantastic charm of 3M's Vikuiti optical technology is changing the way we observe the world. Recently, 3M has launched a new product in the Vikuiti series of rear-projection display screens-the Vikuiti Window rear-projection display film, which is an application designed for digital signage. And designed a new generation of rear projection display film products.
  Vikuiti Window rear projection display film can turn any smooth surface into a rear projection screen. By attaching a pasteable film to a smooth surface, it can provide a dynamic display with a wide viewing angle and is not affected by ambient light. In addition, the Vikuiti Window rear projection film application is simple to install, without the need for brackets, suspension wires, and frames.

The 3M Vikuiti film rear projection screen made its debut at the InfoComm 2006 exhibition and attracted a lot of attention. 3M has possessed glass black bead technology for many years, but its cost is slightly expensive for home MDTV applications, but 3M found It is a good opportunity to use this technology on the rear projection screen of the TV wall. At present, 3M has positioned this technology in the field of digital signals, adding an adhesive layer on the basis of the glass black bead film layer. Now, what the user has to do is to buy a piece of raw material, use a pair of ordinary scissors to easily cut out any shape, and stick it on any smooth glass surface with water, and then turn on the projector behind the glass, static and dynamic images And the text will appear on the screen. It's a magical and unique display system.

  Vikuiti Window rear projection film is used in retail, leisure and entertainment industries. It is very important to attract customers' attention and guide them. 3M claims that their revolutionary rear-projection screen film technology will change the traditional way of communication between merchants and target customers.
  The adhesive layer of the Vikuiti rear projection film can be easily applied to glass partitions or public display windows. The film can be cut into any shape and size, providing designers with the freedom to create space to promote the storefront. Static, scrolling, and multiple images can be projected on this display film at the same time to achieve the promotion of specific items, or focus on a certain promotion in the store, or attract all potential consumers.
  The film maintains the performance of the current Vikuiti rear-projection display screen products, and produces high-quality images: colorful, high brightness, high contrast, high definition and resolution, while reflection is minimized. In addition, the screen has a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees, and the storefront facing a long and narrow aisle can still distinguish clear images at a long distance and at a wide angle.
  The rear projection display film and screen are ideal for multimedia content projection, and the effect is even better when used together with 3M Digital Signage software. Continuous dynamic image display is an effective way for retailers to enhance customers' shopping enjoyment. In addition, the promotion effect can also be improved by playing a designed dynamic picture, instead of just relying on some static promotional pictures placed in the right store location, at the right time, and in the right way. By monitoring the changes in the sales situation brought about by the replacement of sales information, the effect of promotion can be accurately evaluated.
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