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4K projector-the best choice for home theater

by:XY Screens     2021-10-09
4K is the latest breakthrough technology in televisions and projectors, and its emergence provides potential buyers with more choices. So, which of 4K or Full HD is the best choice for home theater? Here, we hope that our introduction can help you make an informed decision. 4K and Full HD-the main difference When it comes to high-definition TV, Full HD or 1080p is the current picture standard. Full HD means that when you watch Blu-ray, it provides a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. 4K has 3840×2160, or through a projector, it can reach a resolution of 4096×2160. This is equivalent to doubling the Full HD vertical and horizontal resolution and four times the pixels, resulting in a clearer and sharper picture. 4K also provides higher audio quality-corresponding to Full HD, which is also a big leap. Is a 4K projector suitable for my house? To set up a home theater at home, you usually need a large, flat wall to project onto a fairly large room. Sony is currently pushing for 4K movies, TVs and projectors, claiming that 4K projectors do not require a lot of space compared to full HD projectors. In order to get the best image quality and viewing experience, Sony said that with a 4K projector, you need to sit at a distance equal to 1.5 times the display height. With a full HD projector, you need to sit and watch at a distance of 3 times the display height, so you will need a larger room, otherwise you will not benefit fully. In this case, unless you have a large enough room, a 4K projector is your better choice. Unfortunately, like any new technology, the price of a 4K projector is its biggest disadvantage. However, the home theater configuration with a 4K projector is a new generation of film era facing the future. , 4K technology is still in its infancy, so there is currently no real 4K product.
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