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618, Mid-Year Juhui Laser TV Screen

by:XY Screens     2021-10-08
For laser TV screens used in ultra-short-throw laser projectors, there are currently two main types, one is a black grid anti-light screen, and the other is a Fresnel anti-light screen. Let’s talk about the structure first. What is the difference between the two types of screens: The structure of the black grid anti-light curtain is as the name implies, the black grid. The surface of the black grid screen is covered with very small prism structures horizontally, and its main anti-light function comes from the convex surface. A triangle, where the top surface of the triangle is a black light-absorbing layer, and the bottom surface is a white reflective layer. When looking down on the screen, as the angle changes, the color of the screen will become completely black, while when looking up, the entire screen will become completely white as the angle changes. However, such a horizontal structure can only block the light from the top of the screen. If there are light sources on both sides and front of the screen to illuminate the screen, the anti-light effect of the black grid anti-light curtain will be greatly reduced. In other words, the black grid anti-light curtain can exert its maximum anti-light effect only when the overhead light is turned on at night to use the projection. Taking the most common black grid anti-light screen in the domestic market as an example, its anti-light ability to top light reaches 95%, but the angle can reach 140 degrees, and the screen brightness gain is 0.46. At present, the maximum size of the 16:9 black grid anti-light curtain is 120 inches, which is 2.65X1.49 meters. However, it should be noted that the surface of the black grid anti-light curtain is very delicate and cannot be folded, nor can it be hit by hard objects, otherwise it will cause damage to the prism structure on the surface. Fresnel lens is an optical structure with a very wide range of applications, and its main function is to condense light. Its characteristic is that the surface of the screen is covered with concentric circles from large to small. However, its application on the projection screen is not the lens principle, but the principle of reflection on one side and absorption on the other side similar to the black grid anti-light curtain, except that the horizontal structure of the black grid is changed to a half concentric circle to resist The light on the upper side and the left and right sides of the screen is to block all the light except from the projection direction. Of course, the Fresnel screen is not just a concentric structure, it also adds a diffuser, a colored layer, and a hard glass surface. Therefore, although the Fresnel screen has first-class anti-light effect, the price is basically twice that of the black grid screen of the same size. And because the optical structure is more complicated, it can only be made into a hard screen that cannot be rolled. The difficulty of transportation and installation is much higher than that of the black grid screen, so the largest size currently available on the market is only 100 inches. At the same time, because the light from both sides of the screen is absorbed, the viewing angle of Fresnel is also greatly reduced compared to the black grid screen. Take the Fresnel anti-light screen for example, its viewing angle is only 100 degrees, which can be It is said to be a very small angle. If you look at the screen beyond this angle, it will slowly become completely black. It is the same as looking at the black screen from top to bottom. However, due to the Fresnel structure and the use of the soft screen, the brightness gain of the Fresnel screen reaches 0.9. In fact, black grid anti-light screens and Fresnel anti-light screens have their own advantages and disadvantages, and choose according to personal needs. Laser TV screen 618 is on sale, welcome to buy!
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