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80-inch large touch screen, with only 1100g? lazertouch mini projector has the answer

by:XY Screens     2019-12-26
The development of science and technology often has a great impact on our work and life.
Since its first notebook came out in 1980, its delicate and portable design has been hugely popular, with smartphones, tablets and large touch screen displays.
Since then, our requirements for large touch screen devices have become higher and higher, and more new related products have been launched day after day. They all mean our infinite desire and attempt for \"giant touch screen, we are no longer satisfied with the particular nature of these products.
Large size portable touch screen, is there any product that can integrate these two functions together?
Now, Shanghai Laize touch electronic technology company has launched the Laize touch micro projector to make it a reality.
Lazertouch micro projector has 7 Patents. After 5 years of research and development, its light weight and convenient carrying body make it a 1st micro projector produced in large quantities, the only one that can directly operate the projection screen with a finger.
Lazertouch mini projector highly integrated, Android, office software
Bluetooth, wireless, speaker, projector
Fi and quick start-up-up.
There is a white wall in almost every place, it is a conference room. It projects 20-
The 150 inch screen, which you can touch directly, is not just a gadget for your presentation, but a virtual interactive whiteboard that you can operate and write with IR pen.
The Lazertouch mini projector supports Miracast and Airplay, you can share everything stored in your smartphone on the projection screen, in addition, you can highlight anything by taking notes.
It solves everything that starts with the big body.
Loud noise, low resolution and distorted screen.
It is dedicated to providing stylish, modern and effective offices for most people.
Traditional TV is replaced by a variety of smart devices with its diverse functions, so virtual screens are becoming more and more popular.
Lazertouch mini projector lets you watch 4 k, 3D movies and TV shows with Max 300
Inch screen at home.
With Miracast and Airplay, users can share some interesting things wirelessly with their family and friends at any time.
It supports chat, games, website browsing and lets you enjoy the old fun you have never experienced before
Old-fashioned devices such as smartphones and computers.
As we all know, ordinary electronic screens can cause irreversible damage to children\'s eyes.
No matter how hard you work as a parent, you can\'t always project your child\'s vision in the Bay. .
The Lazertouch micro projector gives a reflective light from the mirror, the closest natural light to it, so that the eyes are not prone to fatigue, thus maximizing the protection of vision.
In addition to Vision projection, the Lazertouch mini projector is equipped with an IR pen that allows you to draw and write on the projection screen, and homework is no longer a headache.
In addition, you can write on the playground, such as tables, walls.
The Lazertouch mini projector enables you to combine people with virtual screens through the virtual reality you download on your phone, allowing children to feel that they are on the spot, thus nurturing their creativity and imagination
At the same time, the Lazertouch mini projector is not limited to finger-operated screens like the android tablet, and pencils and roll paper can be operated.
When children play puzzle games and learn through games, the multi-functional way of operation makes it happier.
For more details, please visit Media Contact Company name: Shanghai Easi Computer Technology Co. , Ltd.
, Contact person of limited company: Vita He Address: Room 202, No. 1888 Yishan Road, Minhang district, Shanghai, Zip code: 201103
Postage: easitech @ hotmail.
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