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'9D' interactive movie technology attracts attention from all walks of life

by:XY Screens     2021-09-30
At the 2nd China Suzhou Cultural and Creative Design Industry Trade Fair that opened recently, novel and creative products emerge in endlessly. Among them, the 9D film exhibition area of u200bu200bthe 'Creative Number' Cape Bell station, there is a long queue of audiences waiting to experience the new viewing experience. It is reported that in front of the 'Phantom of Speed-9D Interactive Experience Hall' on Guanqian Street, many young people are also attracted to line up to buy tickets to experience the '9D' movie. It is understood that 9D movies are interactive movies that incorporate elements such as ‘3D’ movie presentation, ‘3D’ game human interaction, and environmental special effects simulation. The character ‘9’ means that the movie mobilizes the audience’s sensory stimulation and participation in all dimensions. For example, when monsters such as spiders, caterpillars, and bats on the screen 'rush' in front of them, the audience can use the 'virtual knife' obtained from the movie to hack and kill them. In the experience hall, the display screen is a 180-degree semi-circular screen, which creates a very strong visual impact. Here, the audience can participate in the film interaction, 'reach out' to get the axe, sword, etc. provided in the film to participate in 'combat' . Different movies also set up different ways of interaction. In the '9D' movie, in addition to feeling the stereoscopic visual impact brought by the '3D' movie, as well as the wind, rain, thunder, electricity, snow, swing and vibration of the seat, touch, smell and other senses in synchronization with the plot of the movie. The excitement is unique in that the audience can also be transformed into a three-dimensional movie and participate in the movie plot in real time. The characters in the play can 'perceive' the presence of the audience, the audience can assassinate monsters, 'pick' the fruit on the screen, 'poke' a school of fish swimming towards them, and so on. According to reports, the interactive movie technology was developed by Suzhou Capber 3D Technology Co., Ltd., a company in Suzhou High-tech Zone. Chairman Xiong Xiaoli is a Ph.D. from the United States introduced by the High-tech Zone. Earlier this year, he was selected into the 'Thousand Talents Program' of the Organization Department. According to Xiong Xiaoli, the 9D interactive movie is based on Cap Bell’s core technology-'3D Engine'. Cap Bell has first-class 'small engine' 3D technology, and has applied for and obtained nearly 10 US patents and more than 40 Chinese software copyright. Capbell has independently developed '5D' and '9D' movies in the 'Small Engine' 3D Ru0026D. The “interactive micro-cinema” opened on Guanqian Street was the company’s first development attempt in the application of technology. It is understood that during the three-dimensional interaction, the characters in the play can perceive the actions of the audience because there are several cameras working at the same time under the screen. When the movie is playing, the camera lens can capture the audience's body movements and facial expressions and send them back to the computer in real time. Analysis, the film characters react according to the analysis results, and all of this is based on the company's core technology-the 3D engine.
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