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A must-have for the large-screen edge fusion virtual simulation exhibition hall

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
With the development of large-screen projection technology, virtual simulation technology has risen in a wave of large-screen image display throughout the country. In order to highlight their local characteristics, local government units at all levels have adopted broad visual, sound and image technology. Due to the adoption of the latest technology, the virtual simulation system can not only play three-dimensional data, but also can be compatible with all programs of various WINDOWS systems. In this way, both OFFICE and other EXE executable files can be easily and simply perfectly integrated. Although the cost of full integration is relatively high, as an upgraded technology, more powerful functions and practicality are people's favorite opinions. In planning offices and training rooms across the country, this trend has now become a trend. The super-large display area, super-high definition, super-high brightness, and the three-dimensional effect of virtual simulation make the large screen of the multi-function hall become a highlight of the exhibition hall without any suspense. Why the combination of projectors can achieve such a gorgeous effect? In fact, all the mysteries are concentrated on two devices. The first is the support of a three-dimensional converter and a three-dimensional data publishing system, and the second is an edge fusion machine. The stereo converter can separate the 3D data into the left and right eye files and output them to the designated projector. The 3D data publishing system can allow the system to support almost all 3D data conversion, and the edge blending machine realizes the brightness reduction of the overlap area of u200bu200bthe projection splicing, and the image Geometric correction, etc., a series of problems of bright bands and seams in the docking between the projectors. The display form of the projection ring screen is the most shocking. First, the display method of the ring screen is more in line with the biological characteristics of the human eye. The use of the ring screen can make people see a larger field of vision. The contents of virtual reality and virtual simulation are more realistic, making people feel like they are on the scene, and the sceneries on the screen are lifelike.
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