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A must-see for novices, two ways to extend the life of the projector bulb

by:XY Screens     2021-09-01
First of all, a clean environment is very important. When the projector is working, the lamp generates a very large amount of heat and the temperature is very high. The high temperature is the most direct killer that affects the life of the projector bulb. In order to improve the life of the lamp and avoid high temperature burns to the imaging devices inside the projector, the projector is equipped with a cooling fan to discharge the heat from the lamp in a timely manner. At the same time, in order to prevent dust from entering the projector with the fan, a filter is installed at the fan entrance to block the dust from entering. In this way, once the working environment of the projector is dusty, a large amount of dust will accumulate on the filter along with the rotation of the fan, blocking the filter and affecting the heat dissipation effect. The harm caused by smoking is even greater. The tar in the smoke will not only be adsorbed on the filter to form a sticky substance, but the sticky substance will in turn stick to the dust, thereby completely blocking the filter. In addition, some of the substances in the smoke can also enter the projector through the filter, which will damage the imaging elements and affect the projection effect, but will also cover the bulb, affect the heat dissipation of the bulb, and shorten the life of the bulb. People suffer from heat stroke in the hot summer, and the projector also has the problem of overheating. When we use the projector, we must pay attention to the temperature and ventilation conditions of the use environment. Proper temperature and good ventilation are very beneficial to the heat dissipation of the projector bulb. Here, we must pay special attention to the following three points: First, when the projector is working, make sure that nothing blocks the vents or affects the projector’s ventilation and heat dissipation; secondly, after the projector is finished working and shut down normally, don’t cover it with anything immediately Install the projector or put it in a collection bag. If conditions permit, it is best to wait until it is turned off for 20 minutes before operating. Finally, when using the projector, be careful not to let the direct sunlight hit the projector, especially the lens part, because of the strong sunlight. It will not only affect the heat dissipation of the projector, but more importantly, it will destroy the imaging of the projector's optical system, affecting the life span and display effect. Tips: When the ambient light is strong, we often need to increase the brightness of the projector to achieve a clear display effect. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. At this time, you can consider installing shutters on the windows or reducing indoor lighting to reduce the influence of stray light on the display effect.
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