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A new scene in the projection market: engineering projection systems buck the trend

by:XY Screens     2021-09-06
Since the World Expo was held, the application of engineering projection systems in the exhibition and display industry has developed very fast. Many manufacturers have set their sights on the engineering projector market. Now museums, exhibition halls, and more and more public facilities in many areas have begun to use projection systems for display. Facing the fast-growing engineering projector and projection screen market, manufacturers all hope to occupy a place. And how to spread one's own sales channels deeper and wider, in the final analysis, still depends on the power of the channel business. Project projections have grown significantly.      After a downturn in the first half of the year, the projection market in July still did not pick up at all. Some analysts previously estimated that the sales volume of the entire market in July was about 20 sets. However, according to the current analysis, the actual sales volume is about 100,000, and the market in the second half of the year is still worrying.   However, in the midst of bleakness, the engineering projection system stands out with its growth rate of more than 30%. Some people in the industry even said that since 2010, the annual growth of the engineering projection market has reached 40% to 50%, and the engineering projection market has ushered in a golden period of rising.   As of the end of 2011, the domestic projection market sales have been increasing, but the increase in sales did not bring about an increase in sales profits. Since the World Expo was held, the application of engineering projection in the exhibition and display industry has developed very fast. Many manufacturers have set their sights on the engineering projection market. 'Museums, exhibition halls, and more and more public facilities in many areas are now using projection systems for display. The development prospects of the engineering market are very impressive.' According to Guo Teli, general manager of Optoma Asia, After the manufacturers competed to invest, the sales volume of the engineering market has increased significantly. Although the market capacity of the engineering market is not particularly large at present, it has great development potential. This statement has also been confirmed by Le Yi, Marketing Director of Vivitek China. He said that since the addition of 3D technology and edge fusion technologies, the development of the entire engineering projection market seems to be on the fast lane, and the capacity of the entire market this year is also From more than 30,000 sets in 2011 to more than 50,000 sets, this has brought a lot of opportunities for manufacturers.   According to Li Yanjun, National Sales Manager of Engineering Projectors of the Display Product Solutions Division of NEC (China) Co., Ltd., in 2011, NEC’s engineering machine shipments reached 7,000 units. In 2012, NEC will continue to focus on the engineering projector market, increase research and development efforts, and introduce more engineering projection products. At the same time, the existing full line of engineering projectors will be upgraded in terms of software and functions. The relevant person in charge of Beijing Xinke Site Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. also believes that the overall project projection market has grown significantly in the past two years. Now the project projection system will not only be used in large stadiums and government agencies, but even in some hotels. Projection is used in the wedding banquet to arouse the atmosphere of the scene. Although the proportion of engineering projectors in many projects is not large, the overall profit is relatively high. Especially in the application of some government agencies, engineering projection has replaced the display. These phenomena have correspondingly driven the growth of sales of engineering projection systems.  Policy drives industry growth  In recent years, with the development of technology and user needs, engineering projectors and projection screens have continued to expand their application areas with their excellent performance capabilities. Whether in government agencies, large enterprises, universities, or large theaters, you can see engineering projection systems everywhere. It can be said that the popularity of the engineering projection market is directly related to the promotion of national policies. Especially the national 'Twelfth Five-Year' plan and development outline clearly stated that the government will increase investment in education, public facilities and other fields, which gives project projections a broader market prospect. Especially under the influence of the Olympic Games and the World Expo, engineering projection systems are playing an increasingly important role in monitoring, command, dispatching, and public display. Many government agencies, large and medium-sized enterprises, colleges and universities, and star-rated hotels have begun to play an increasingly important role. The training conference room, large classroom, and auditorium purchase engineering projection systems as display equipment. For engineering projector manufacturers, how to meet the needs of different industries for projector products and how to provide users with high-quality products and services have become the direction of everyone's efforts.   In addition to large-scale exhibitions, many cities are undergoing new construction plans, especially the application of cultural and tourist attractions exhibitions to the projection industry has brought business opportunities. Le Yi, Marketing Director of Vivitek China, said: “China’s specific national conditions determine that the image project of various regions is very important, and this is also related to China’s economic development. Vivitek has focused on the scenic spot display market for this year’s development. The news will invest regardless of cost. '   In addition, some professional engineering projection systems suitable for use in playgrounds, conference centers and military simulations, as well as the introduction of corresponding splicing solutions, have also promoted the development of the engineering projection market to a certain extent.   In addition to the impact of policies, it is an indisputable fact that the homogeneity of products in the business and education market in China is serious and competition is intensified. Profits in the business and education sector are declining, and manufacturers' involvement in the engineering projection system market has become inevitable. The London Olympics, Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Expo have just given engineering projectors an opportunity to explode. Especially since the second half of last year until now, various manufacturers have held new product launch conferences. The continuous launch of new products has also led to fiercer competition in the entire projection market. Many manufacturers have also seen this. Both in the channel and on the product line, they have carried out layouts and strived to seize the opportunity in the engineering projection market.
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