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A new weapon for the living room theater-Baixue anti-light curtain

by:XY Screens     2022-02-13
Living room theater? Why should the home theater be in the living room. It is best to set up a professional audio-visual room in a separate room for a home theater, but after all, many people have limited housing space. First-tier cities have a lot of money. It is also a last resort to choose the living room, the living space of the whole family, as the theater environment. We can only make some compromises. . And this situation is the general situation in China, so the living room theater will become more and more popular. In summary, the living room theater has a lot to do.

For us of the middle class, the living room cannot be completely black like an independent audio-visual room. Based on the editor’s personal experience, the living room’s viewing experience will not be affected because the environment is not completely black. In the independent audio-visual room, all the surroundings must be decorated in gray and black to achieve a black projection effect. Relatively speaking, the editor prefers to watch movies in a living room where the sun can shine in, the usual ventilation is good, and the home feels warm. Therefore, the editor is a hard-core supporter of the 'Living Room Party'.

Home theater is a place where one person, or two couples, up to three or five confidantes, can share and experience movies together. First is the family, and then the theater. The living room not only has the largest space, but also has the lowest privacy. Whether it is watching movies or listening to music, it is the most suitable place at home.

As a dark horse in the screen world, the Xiongyun anti-light screen, according to a special optical structure, can effectively absorb about 90% of the ambient light and restore the truest projection color.

Coupled with the revolutionary product developed by the ultra-short throw projector, the projection distance needs to be within 35-60 cm, and the screen can reach 80 inches, allowing you to easily enjoy the large screen. The screen shading layer blocks the ambient light, so that the picture has the best contrast effect, so that you no longer need to turn off the lights and project, even in the daytime, you can also enjoy the visual impact of the large screen.
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