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a projector slides off into the sunset

by:XY Screens     2019-12-01
As the song says, the video killed the radio star and now it claims another victim: the humble slide machine.
Multimedia producer Jeff Jana remembers his father fumbling in the closet to extract the projector and slide box.
Janer recalled that it was \"very hard\" to form an inevitable family holiday program \".
\"It was never very convenient.
\"Now, all dad or mom has to do is put a tape in the video recorder, and priceless memories disappear from the home TV screen.
In the corporate world, Microsoft software project PowerPoint replaced slides nearly a decade ago.
Ektagraphic, Ektapro: RIP.
Eastman Kodak is not a big fan.
The leading manufacturer of slide projectors in the United States has told its important customers that it will stop producing disposable
Popular lines in June 2004.
\"The handwriting has been on the wall,\" Merri said . \"
Lou McKeever, product manager, Kodak slide projector.
\"In the past three years, the rate of decline has been very fast.
20 years ago, Kodak sold nearly 300,000 cast-in machines.
She said it will sell 18,000 units this year.
Kodak president Daniel Karp announced the cancellation.
The move angered some investors, highlighted the company\'s traditional business and invested in digital technology.
\"Kodak has dominated the market for years,\" said Robert Morsang, general manager of Newtonville camera and video.
\"It\'s sad to see them leave.
Retailers say Kodak and ektach Roman slide films, still widely used by professional photographers, will continue to be sold. For the over-
In the 30 th generation, the disappearance of the slide machine was the end of an era.
When the health teacher tries to slide the anatomy out of the molded plastic turntable, the primary school students will not have a happy rest;
Uncle Elmer no longer has the taste of smoggy celluloid at night while enjoying the special view of the Los Angeles skyline.
\"People are very passionate about slide projectors,\" Kodak\'s McKeever said . \".
\"There are rumors here that a funeral will be held when the last funeral is held.
\"The sales of the Projector machine, like traditional film, are now replaced by images of digital cameras.
\"By the end of the decade, movie sales will be almost zero,\" said Scott Faber, the buyer of Hunter\'s photos and videos, who has five stores in New England.
Three years ago, Hunter sold about 85 projects.
So far this year, it has sold 22 vehicles.
\"This is not a huge Christmas item,\" Farber said . \".
Now institutional users like schools and universities have to deal with the costly transition to digital projection.
\"There are still slide projectors in many classrooms at MIT,\" said Philip greensper, an expert in photography who teaches at the college\'s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.
He said computer projectors in a college classroom cost about $10,000.
\"It\'s expensive and there\'s a subtle loss of quality, like from long-
Play the record of the disc.
\"According to Greenspun, the transition for consumers will be equally expensive and tedious.
\"You can\'t buy a decent digital projector for less than $1,000, and you need a computer to drive it,\" he said . \".
\"Then you need to spend three months learning how to use Microsoft Windows, not to mention investing in internet connectivity and color printers.
\"Companies like Epson, Canon and InFocus dominate the digital projector market.
Kodak launched a series of digital projectors a few years ago, but it has stopped production.
Kodak spokesman Charles Smith said Kodak had no plans to re-enter the business.
Most imaging experts seem to agree that moving from slides to digital images can compromise image quality.
\"Digital projection is easier and the final cost is lower,\" Janer said . \".
\"But you sacrificed the quality of the image.
People are used to seeing bad images on computers.
\"The reason people still shoot slides is because they give people a vivid color that is not replaced by numbers,\" Farber said . \".
\"The colors you get from the slides are unmatched by any other media.
Naomi Miller, architecture historian at Boston University, has been monitoring slidesvs. -digital-
Image debates on various computer message boards.
\"Everyone thinks PowerPoint will be so wonderful for art history ---
I think it\'s crazy . \"
Miller, who is retiring this year, started her career. format black-and-
White slides are shown to students through Lantern projectors.
\"The huge projectors are no better for art historians,\" she said . \"
\"I \'d love to show it to you at some point.
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