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A trip to Guanyin Mountain

by:XY Screens     2021-08-20
Journey to Guanyin Mountain Author: Jin Xumin is leaning on the South China Sea and prospering Dongguan, taking the North Star to strengthen China, the holy image shines, thousands of miles of sky soars the sun; From Ciyun. On November 27, 2011, 9 representatives participated in a mountaineering activity organized by the Fuyong Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park with more than 500 participants. The Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park covers a total area of u200bu200b18 square kilometers and is a national 4A tourist attraction. These key words make us fascinated. Many scenic spots are dazzling: Ciyun Pavilion, International Convention and Exhibition Center, Statue of General Cai Zipei, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Guanyin Square, Temple of Wealth, Hall of Great Compassion, Lake of Thanksgiving, 36-level waterfall, etc. Beautiful. On the top of the mountain, artificially carved granite with great spiritual energy was chosen. It lasted three years and finally became the world's largest granite statue of Guanshiyin Bodhisattva with a net height of 33 meters and a weight of more than 3,000 tons. The holy statue sits on the top of Guanyin Mountain, sitting on the Xumi lotus seat, wearing a crown, wearing a celestial robe, draped on the shoulders, and decorated with a ring on the chest. He holds a clean bottle in his left hand and a fearless diamond seal on his right. It is simple and elegant, lifelike, and is The rare stone carving art of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, Guanyin stays in the footsteps, the cyclists gather in the house, and several famous mountains in the world, the double-dwelling road; Wash the dust. In the afternoon, cultural performances: motorcycle speed, Shaolin martial arts, folk dance. In the evening, barbecue and lottery. Unforgettable visit to Guanyin Mountain, unforgettable day when Bruce Lee was born!
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