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Always remember that others treat you well!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
1. In life, each of us has received help from others to a greater or lesser degree. We often find such a phenomenon that the two of us have always been in a good relationship with each other. Willing to do things will lead to grievances, and since then the two people meet like strangers. Perhaps each of us suffers from the same problem, that is, when others treat us ten times well and one time badly, we will obliterate the first ten good times. 2. If someone gives you a hand, you may forget it soon; if someone steps on you, you may remember it forever. We have remembered the shortcomings and mistakes of others and the places that others have treated us slowly. Therefore, we are brooding. The more we look at this person, the more we have shortcomings. Others are just a mirror, we stare at it, and the mirror reflects the stare, so we all dislike each other. The original small shortcomings have been infinitely magnified in our eyes. We see this person as a thorn in the eye, and the thorn in the flesh must be pulled out first and then quickly. 3. When others are disrespectful to you, you always remember the benefits of others, even if others benefit you bit by bit, you will remember them silently. Slowly, the anger in your heart will disappear, and your heart will naturally expand. A small amount of lost friends, a great deal of friends. Only with broad-mindedness and broad-mindedness can we win trust among friends, increase unity, and strengthen friendship. Fourth, remember the good of others, you can cultivate your own humility. No one is perfect. To be tolerant to others is to be tolerant to yourself; to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself! Those who focus on the shortcomings of others and cannot tolerate others must feel good about themselves. They cannot see their own shortcomings and thus lose the opportunity for improvement; those who remember the “drip grace” of others will often be able to see good ideas. Be modest to learn from the advantages of others, so the 'benefits' in yourself will become more and more, the interpersonal attraction will become stronger and stronger, and you will have more spiritual wealth invisibly. Five, among friends, remember the goodness of others, and you will have more friends. Between family members and relatives, remember the good of others, this family will definitely have a good time. Remembering the good of others and living with a grateful heart is far better than remembering the shortcomings and faults of others and living with a resentment in agony. In that case, why don't we remember the good of others? 6. Some people get more than just the “grace of dripping water”, such as the nurturing of parents, the instructive teachings of teachers, the care of relatives and friends, the enthusiastic help of colleagues, the trust of leaders, etc. These are all our growth and progress. Important factor. But the difficult question is whether you can be grateful after receiving the help, and whether there is any report from you. 7. If we remember the good of others and be more tolerant of other people’s shortcomings, after a long time, we will be full of others’ good, and we remember in our hearts that other people’s things are beautiful, then look at the sky is blue, look at the water It is green, the mood is happy, and the world is beautiful. 8. To remember the 'drip grace' of others, you must have a tolerant heart and a lofty state. Remember the people who have helped you in your life, and also remember every kind of smile that life gives you, or every touch from the bottom of your heart. Treat others with a grateful heart, and you will find that there is more laughter, happiness, and sincerity in life because of a grateful heart, and there is less hypocrisy, deceit, hurt...
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