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an easy, portable outdoor movie screen

by:XY Screens     2020-03-03
One of our favorite parties is to have friends watch movies on an outdoor screen.
With movies, you can easily connect theme invitations, dining, music and games --
But you can also call your neighbors and ask them for impromptu snacks and screenings, and still have a great old time.
The screen design cost is low (
Less than $40 for everything)
Easy to make and easy to carry.
The whole thing can be broken down, put in a yoga or bat bag and shipped to a different place.
As long as it is possible, I will cut my expenses at the time of purchase.
This means one step less at home, in the case of pvc pipes, which means I can take these parts home with my little Toyota.
Find the widest exterior wall of your house and measure the height and width.
I would suggest to maximize the height and width as not all films are shot in a wide format.
If your screen is only wide, you may display the old square format movie on half of the available screen space.
The back of our garage is 12\' wide, about 8\' high, so this is the size I started.
The screen hangs between the top and bottom frame made of 1 \"PVC pipe.
For ease of carrying and storage, I chose to cut the pipe to 3\' length.
You can cut the pipe with a hacksaw at home, but most hardware stores will cut the pipe for you for a small fee.
In addition to the pipes at the top and bottom of the screen, you will need a straight joint to connect the length, the lid at both ends and the snap clip to connect the screen to the bottom.
I have used: 1 \"pvc pipe 6X1\" pvc pipe coupling s4 X 1 \"pvc pipe end package 10X1\" pvc buckle clamping hardware includes: the hook hangs the frame from the strap on the pvc pipe frame-rings (
This is belt hardware which can be found in sewing shop)
The pipes are simply combined with pressure. Place a D-
Ring under each cin band and hang from the hook that is screwed into the eaves.
Be sure to test the frame once and mark the tape and pieces for future reference.
The screen material is 54 \"wide rubber
Coated shading cloth. I had two 4-
Yard debris cut in fabric shop to save extra steps for cutting at home.
This is not charged.
Measure the housing by wrapping the top edge of the screen around the coupler (
The widest part of the top frame).
1 \"my shell of pvc is 2-1/2\" wide.
The Needle and the seam straight needle make a tube through the frame.
Next, place your top frame at the top of the shell and for D-
Hang through the ring.
As shown in the figure, these cut pieces can be simply folded up.
The screen is ready to hang up now!
Slide the assembled frame into the shell and slide the cinch strap and D-
Through the groove ring you cut.
We found that the easiest way to hang the screen is to put the screen on the table and let two people lift the end of the screen at the same time.
When the top frame is hung, connect the bottom frame to the screen with a clip.
If there is a sudden breeze, you may also want to fix the bottom of the screen with heavy objects or ties.
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