An electric shock experience of Aolongs microcrystalline screen in 2009 Application skills Aolong-XY

[An electric shock experience of Aolong's microcrystalline screen in 2009] Application skills Aolong

by:XY Screens     2021-11-10
Today, I was fortunate to see a projection screen at a dealer, which was particularly eye-catching, because it can still see clear pictures and bright colors under the strong lights of the exhibition, which is difficult in today’s market. Find similar products. For users who are pursuing high quality, this product has been longing for a long time. The following editor will share today's harvest with you.
This product is a new product launched by the Aolong brand-Aolong professional household K series microcrystalline screens, users who have seen Aolong microcrystalline screens may not be surprised, because they continue to follow In addition to the microcrystalline characteristics of the microcrystalline hard screen and the exquisite red sandalwood appearance, it can be said that while ensuring the quality of the product, it also demonstrates the decorating temperament for users.
  In terms of screen brightness and contrast, both domestic and foreign products are slightly inferior. Under indoor lighting conditions, the screen contrast is very obvious, and the advantages are clear at a glance.
   Let’s take a look at its parameters, gain 4.0. We understand the flat screens on the market. There is a certain gap between the actual detection and the nominal. ) It does reach the nominal value, and the picture is very uniform, without color cast, and has a good sense of layering. The picture can still be viewed at 100 degrees from the side, which is a good choice for places with a wide viewing angle.
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