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an opaque projector for less than $35

by:XY Screens     2019-11-29
This structure will show you how to use web can as an opaque projector for less than $35 (
Computers and monitors are not included).
We put it together as a quick and easy way to show a classroom full of people what\'s going on a small robot controller.
Material: Rigid Substrate (
I use extruded PVC sheet 0.
25 \"thick but can replace plywood)Threaded rod -I used 1/4\" -208 -1/4\" -20 Nuts8 -1/4\" -
20 Cap nutswebcamulutools: a steel saw used to cut threaded rod knives to cut the substrate (
This is a tool knife and drill bit for PVC)
Tape measure/ruler if you use a fixed bracket like I do, the first thing to do is to determine how far the camera needs to be from the base.
I took the camera with my hand, looked at the image on the screen, moved up and down until I reached the height I wanted.
On the other hand, it is very helpful to pay attention to the webcam.
On our camera.
A cheap Best Buy brand)
There is no external focus ring.
I turned the camera on and found that there was an internal focus ring but there was an epoxy dot on it.
I took the knife and carefully broke the epoxy so that the ring would turn.
Now that I have the focus, I can install the camera at the height I want, about 6 1/2 from the bottom plate.
I added 1 \"to this measurement and cut my rebar into 4 7 1/2\" sections.
My controller is about 3 \"x 4\" so I decided that the square of 5 \"x 5\" would leave me enough space to drill and hold the controller.
Cut two pieces of the same size.
Next, you want to lay and drill four holes on the base plate to get the screw bar through.
Mine is in the corner and the two are wider so the CBC slides in from one side.
Clamp the two parts together and drill holes at the same time to make sure the holes are aligned.
I initially drilled a hole in the center and then found that the screen I wanted to capture was not centered, so I drilled the second hole and smoothed them out into an oval shape.
Starting from the substrate (
Camera substrate without hole).
Insert the screw bar and tighten the cover nut at the bottom.
Then a normal nut is screwed from the top to squeeze the substrate.
Continue doing this for all the holes on the bottom part.
Then unscrew the normal nut from the top and place the top substrate and cap on the outside.
Now you have the basic structure.
My stuff was moved a lot and I didn\'t want to adjust it so I fixed everything tightly together with a thread lock.
I connect my webcam with UGlu because it is very strong, but I can delete it if needed.
I plugged the camera into the computer, carefully checked the view I wanted to see, and then stuck it in the proper place. Linux -CheeseOSX -iPhotoWindows -
AvaCamOpen your camera software and put it in full screen mode.
Now you can display the screen on top of your head!
This is also useful for showing small things like plant or small part microscope styles. Threaded Rod -$ 1. 49Nuts-$ 1. 49Cap Nuts -$ 2. 98Substrate -$ 2. 00Web camera -$24. 99------------------------------------------Total -$32.
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