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Analysis of IMAX 3D Smart and 4K HD Projection Screen

by:XY Screens     2021-10-08
IMAX (Image Maximum), which means that the image is maximized, the standard IMAX projection screen is 22 meters wide and 16 meters high. IMAX movies refer to movies shown on the IMAX screen. The screen can be divided into rectangular giant screens (the screen can be as high as seven or eight stories), IMAX-3D giant screens and spherical giant screens.    IMAX movies in the true sense are shot by IMAX cameras and shown on IMAX theater systems with IMAX projectors. Film IMAX movies are mainly film versions. The film is in the format of 15 perforations and 70 mm (this is the main reason why IMAX films can deliver high-definition picture quality), and the ordinary film is 35 mm. The cost of shooting, production and screening is relatively high. Digital film (trend direction) refers to the use of digital technology and equipment to film, produce and store, and transmit through physical media such as satellites, optical fibers, disks, and optical discs. Film and television works on the screen. From the film production process, production method, to the distribution and dissemination methods are fully digitized, which can be regarded as a digital film in a complete sense.    Digital IMAX movie, IMAX company launched IMAX digital (digital IMAX) in 2008, the cost is lower. IMAX DMR is a technology that transforms ordinary digital movies into IMAX digital movies. The most obvious difference between film IMAX and digital IMAX is mainly the screen ratio. The film version and digital version are 1.43:1 and 1.78:1 respectively, while the ordinary screen ratio is 2.35:1. The visual effect is that the width of the screen is increasing. The narrower. IMAX projection system, including IMAX film negatives (film version taken by IMAX camera and digital version converted by IMAX DMR), IMAX projector, IMAX screen (standard 22 meters wide and 16 meters high) and supporting audio, seats, and Other theater facilities (significantly reduce background noise), etc.    IMAX theater, purchase IMAX projection system, the theater authorized to use IMAX trademark is IMAX theater, IMAX company itself does not build theaters. The difference between the structure of IMAX theaters and ordinary theaters: due to the improved screen resolution, the audience can be closer to the screen. Generally, all seats are within the height of one screen (the seat span of traditional theaters can reach 8-12 screens). In addition, the seat tilt is also Larger (can be tilted up to 23 degrees in the projection room of the hemispherical screen), so that the audience can face the center of the screen.    IMAX company, has the IMAX projection system and MAX DMR (digital original copy) and other technical patents. 3D (three-dimensional), that is, three-dimensional three-dimensional, 3D movie is relative to the two-dimensional picture (width and length) three-dimensional (except for the width and length of the picture, adding 'depth') picture movie. IMAX 3D is a technology launched by IMAX in combination with 3D, combining the advantages of both giant screens and three-dimensional images.    4K digital movie refers to a digital movie with a resolution of 4096 2160, that is, there are 4,000 pixels in the horizontal direction, and it is currently the highest resolution digital movie. At present, most of the domestic digital movies are 2K with a resolution of 2048 1080, and some digital movies are 1.3K (1280 1024), 0.8K (1024 768).    The real 4K movies are shot by 4K cameras and projected on 4K projectors. Other 4K movies were shot on 35mm film and converted to 4K digital format (because the resolution of film movies is roughly equivalent to or slightly better than 4K, the clarity of the movie can be guaranteed after transcription).
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