Analysis of the trend of electronic whiteboard: commercial education equally divides the world-XY Sc

Analysis of the trend of electronic whiteboard: commercial education equally divides the world

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
China's electronic whiteboard (projected electronic whiteboard and large-size touch panel display device), which is mainly for education and commercial use, has developed more and more concentrated market development, causing market competition to break through the scope of hardware and extend to the fields of software and system solutions. Therefore, the electronic whiteboard market is attracting many industry participants under this trend. Upstream panel, touch frame, chip and board manufacturers, electronic whiteboard manufacturers, channel vendors, etc. have all paid attention to product development and service, and strived to Occupy a place in the rapidly expanding market share. In addition to electronic whiteboards, another commercial display device, digital signage, is also rapidly developing with the needs of urbanization and new media display. Its development trend is similar to that of electronic whiteboards. With the expansion of the market, the upstream and downstream industries have paid great attention to them. Manufacturers such as chip and board manufacturers, IT manufacturers, TV manufacturers, and large screen manufacturers have stepped into the market to inject more driving forces into the digital signage market. And with the increase in commercial use requirements, the somatosensory technology of games, naked-eye 3D, data analysis technology, etc. began to penetrate into the field of digital signage. The digital signage system began to develop towards interaction and intelligence. With the widespread application of digital signage in different industries, the lag of content services has become more and more obvious. Some brands have begun to make up for their shortcomings through acquisitions or technology introduction, providing content templates that meet the characteristics of the industry, and increasing the premium ability of brand products , Which has promoted the transformation of the digital signage industry from hardware to content services.
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