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Analysis on the Advantages of Interactive Technology of Projection Screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
Shopping for clothes is the biggest hobby of women lovers, but sometimes it is very troublesome to try on clothes one by one, especially in summer, the sweat + grease on the clothes can also make the beautiful women have a headache. Now a brand new 'fitting' mode has appeared, which will make you no longer greasy and cumbersome. This technology is derived from the innovative projection display technology, which combines the projection screen with the clothes styles to form a fresh interactive mode, allowing the clothes to be worn directly on your body, no more hands-on.    In fact, this kind of interactive 'fitting' is just a simple interaction, and the real projection interaction is to really allow the user to interact with the projection. It is a brand-new interactive entertainment product, a brand-new experiential advertising medium. Let consumers entertain during shopping, absorb advertising information in entertainment, attract and retain consumers' footsteps, make shopping malls more popular, consumers directly experience interaction, make promotions more atmosphere, shorten transaction time, and make shopping malls more popular. Effectively increase sales performance.    Interactive projection system, providing corporate user brand advertising and interactive display effects with creative content. It also provides services for the image enhancement of related units. The interactive projection system is an advertising and entertainment interactive system that integrates the world's highest technology; the interactive audio-visual system provides an unusual and exciting advertising and entertainment effect system, which is suitable for all public indoor places, especially leisure, shopping, and entertainment. And educational venues.    It can provide a variety of information including all kinds of pictures and patterns that people want or need, a new form of advertising expressed in its unique way, and it also breaks the traditional hanging style of traditional static advertising without entertainment. The emergence of interactive audio-visual systems has represented a new type of modern advertising model, which can attract all people to stop and watch and interact, and has a very good publicity effect. Its fantastic visual effects and wonderful dynamics will attract all customers, on-site audiences and even passersby to stop and watch interactively. Through its interactive pictures and sound changes, all customers and audiences will participate in it, thereby enhancing entertainment and leisure. Intrinsic attraction promotes consumption and re-consumption, and is especially suitable for leisure and entertainment venues such as discos, hotels, KTVs, and bars.  The technology used in the interactive projection system is hybrid virtual reality technology and motion capture technology, which is a further development of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is a technology that generates three-dimensional images through a computer, provides users with a three-dimensional space and interacts with it. Through mixed reality, users can touch the real environment while manipulating virtual images, thereby enhancing their senses. The advantages of the system application:    1. Attracting people, the novel interactive effects will inevitably attract and guide people to visit. At the same time, good design and artistic effects will increase the interactive atmosphere of the museum.  2. The guiding direction can be used as a functional type, such as intelligent museum guidance and inquiry, which is more user-friendly than the traditional signage inquiry screen in the past.  3. Non-contact communication is more humane, and at the same time it reduces bacterial infection caused by human contact. 4. Economic benefits. New media art can be made into the form of real-time interactive advertising, allowing visitors to interact with promotional content, increasing the visibility of the museum and deepening the impression of visitors to the museum. The museum is publicized and entertained the audience. .
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