Animation and fashion, audio-visual and experience activities, investment promotion is in full swing

Animation and fashion, audio-visual and experience activities, investment promotion is in full swing

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
Exhibition name: 2014 6th Shenzhen Animation Festival 2014 6th Shenzhen Animation Festival Time: July 16 to July 20, 2014 9:00am-6:00pm  2014 6th Shenzhen Animation Festival Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center One The theme of the 6th Shenzhen Animation Festival in Hall No. is: 'Animation Vision · Audiovisual Experience ActivityWe will compete on the same stage with 'Transformers 3D Visual Exhibition; IEM Intel Extreme Masters Cup; COSPLAY Honor Ceremony; King of Fighters 97 Fighting Competition; Shenzhen Animation Festival E-sports  The highlights of the 2014 6th Shenzhen Animation Festival:   1. The Transformers 3D Visual Exhibition is coming to the Animation Festival. As part of the publicity campaign for the world premiere of 'Transformers 4 Extinct Rebirth' on June 27, the official preparation of large-scale hologram equipment for this 3D visual exhibition, coupled with the super-large physical model, will surely bring an unprecedented shocking experience.  2. Japanese visual band 'Kiryu' and 'Royz' will join forces to perform, which will surely set off a Japanese music frenzy.  3. Cosplay National Highest Competition Honor Ceremony, the King of Fighters 97 National League and other domestic well-known ACG (Animation, Comic u0026 Game) related events will add color to the animation festival.  4. Dream performances in the Dream Animation Theater, the participation of large-scale video game equipment from well-known manufacturers such as SEGA in Japan, anime celebrity meetings, limited sales of animation peripheral products and other colorful activities, let you experience a different animation festival. The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Saint Seiya, One Piece, brightened eyes.  Experience area: Let the audience experience the fun of animation more perceptually during the experience. Exhibition area: Mainly display, sell and trade animation series products. Activity area: highlight interaction and participation, and drive the popularity of the scene with various projects such as wonderful performances, competitions, and the game area of u200bu200bAnti-Doo Paradise.   'Shenzhen Animation Festival' is the largest animation series in Shenzhen. It has been held in Shenzhen during the summer vacation every year since 2009. Relying on the strong propaganda advantage of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, 'Shenzhen Animation Festival' has attracted widespread attention from teenagers and family groups. 'Shenzhen Animation Festival' combines exhibitions and exciting on-site activities, while enriching the summer cultural life of young people, it has successfully created the best platform for business image display, trade transactions, industrial chain docking and information exchange in the industry. At that time, Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. will bring large-scale 'Dome Screen Cinema System' and 'Engineering Big Screen' to participate in this animation festival. Welcome new and old friends to come and visit! Website: Consulting Tel: 4000003925 Consulting QQ: 2851239672
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