ankaka releases mini green and red voice control dj laser projector - the best party projector for d

ankaka releases mini green and red voice control dj laser projector - the best party projector for d

by:XY Screens     2019-11-21
Best party projector for DJ. Are you a DJ?
Have you been looking for the best party projector to entertain your clients?
Have you seen the green Red voice-controlled laser projector?
This projector is one of the projectors in the world today.
This is indeed an innovation in the performance of laser scanners.
This projector is designed to bring nature into your home and you will need to use this projector as a music lover or DJ.
It can change and will bring a new look to your living room, it will bring you the nature of the sky by forming millions of stars of different shapes and colors.
These stars and colors are programmed in such a way that it will give you this natural look.
DJ is the best projector for a party as a music lover.
This is because it designs sound and sound mechanisms that match the laser.
When the music is played, the laser captures the sound and follows it.
This will bring more life to you and the party.
You don\'t need to fix the music lights anymore.
All you need is this device.
This DJ laser projector has red light, the laser wavelength is 660nm and the power is 100 mW, while the laser wavelength of the green light is nm and the power is 50 northwest.
This is a device that you will find interesting, even when you fix it, you will find it easy to do, because it is very simple, with instructions, you can in the shortest time
It has a controlled voice flash, and the screen size can also be controlled to fit your plan, whether in the living room or in a party.
It has a solid laser and a semiconductor laser that can arrange the laser according to your taste.
It only has two colors, red and green.
These colors are combined by a laser projector, which will give you different colors, and will also bring nature and Sky to your living room that you don\'t want to go out again.
It operates at a voltage of 110 to 220 V and an AC voltage of 12 v dc, and also at a frequency of 50 to 60Hz.
It is 155mm in length, 144mm in width and 81mm in height.
That\'s why I say the projector is the best party you can get on the market.
It is well packed and can be carried by anyone.
The Ankaka customer service department instructed that children and adults should not expose their eyes to the laser beam.
Life is also shortened if it exceeds 110 to 220 V or 50 to 60 HZ.
Order today.
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