Another classic of Huaze-Jingan Temple Indoor LED Display_Indoor HD LED Display|LED Display Manufact

Another classic of Huaze-Jing'an Temple Indoor LED Display_Indoor HD LED Display|LED Display Manufacturer|Small Pitch L

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Recently, the Shanghai Jing’an Temple RF-IR3 indoor high-definition LED display, which was built by Huaze Optoelectronics LED display manufacturer, was successfully delivered to use. Once the screen was successfully debugged, it won the World Propaganda Association, the Shanghai Buddhist Association, and the abbot of Jing’an Temple. Recognition and high praise. And it has become a classic of another temple in our company. Before the installation of this indoor high-definition LED display, after the company's sales and engineering responsible persons on-site survey, and combined with the requirements of Jing'an Temple, our company has formulated a series of detailed plans. Then make the renderings based on the photos taken on the spot. Once confirmed by Jing'an Temple, we will immediately arrange the steel structure drawing production and order production to ensure that the customers can be assured of products at the fastest speed. Before this screen, we also installed the RF-OR10 outdoor LED display in Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou. Generally speaking, the application areas of LED display are mostly concentrated in schools, stadiums, shopping malls, airports, stations, customs, television stations, hospitals, hotels and other places. The entry of LED displays in the temple also shows that the market is limitless. It is believed that in the near future, it will be possible for small-pitch LED displays to enter home theaters. The Jing'an Temple has a total construction area of u200bu200b22,000 square meters. The entire temple forms the pattern of the front temple and the back tower. It consists of three main buildings: the Daxiong Hall, the Tianwang Hall, and the Sansheng Hall. It is the oldest Buddhist temple in Shanghai. Inside the temple, there are the famous paintings of Bada Shanren and Wen Zhengming's original 'Pipa Xing' scroll. Jing'an District is also famous for the Jing'an Temple. The architectural style of Jing'an Temple is imitated before the Ming Dynasty, and the typical representative is the shape of the dougong. Installing indoor high-definition LED displays in temples can vividly carry forward the fine traditions of Buddhism, patriotism and love of religion, firmly adhere to the sinicization of Buddhism, strive to practice human Buddhism, and strengthen the construction of Taoism, talent construction and cultural construction.
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