Aolong projection screen 1080P high-definition display technology Technical introduction Aolong-XY S

[Aolong projection screen 1080P high-definition display technology] Technical introduction Aolong

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
Speaking of 1080P, everyone knows that this is the parameter of the projector, so what does it have to do with the projection screen?

In fact, the final image quality of high-definition projection does not only depend on whether the projector is 1080P. Conventional projection screens cannot support 1080P high-definition projection at all because of the rough surface or large particles, and the displayed projection screen will be greatly reduced, and the ideal effect of high-definition cannot be achieved at all.
The nano-level ultra-fine particles used in the Aolong projection screen are evenly distributed on the surface of the projection screen. Therefore, it is sufficient to display a clear effect several times more than 1080P, making the entire high-definition projection screen more film-level delicate.
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