Aolong projection screen beyond ordinary high gain technology Projection screen technology introduct

[Aolong projection screen beyond ordinary high gain technology] Projection screen technology introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
It is not difficult to increase the gain. The key is to solve a series of concurrency problems after increasing the gain.
The first is the viewing angle (here refers to 2 times the half gain angle). The energy of light is conserved, and the increase in gain will inevitably cause the viewing angle to decrease and narrow, and it is useless if it is narrowed to a certain extent. For example, the glass bead screen has a gain of more than 2 times, but the viewing angle is less than 30 degrees. People standing and sitting, looking directly and from the side, the projector has different effects. Although the viewing angle of the metal screen is obviously improved, it can't exceed 60 degrees. If it is made into a flat screen, there will be a dark and bright sun effect around it. This is why the metal screen has to be made into a spherical or curved surface. The normal and reasonable viewing angle should be above 90 degrees, that is, 45 degrees on the left and 45 degrees on the right. Only a wider angle than this can satisfy the family user's 3+1+1 sofa in the viewing angle range and ensure that the participants on the left and right sides of the conference table can see the picture clearly. For engineering large-screen products, the viewing angle must be above 120 degrees to ensure seamless image fusion. This undoubtedly poses a challenge to technology. The advantage of Aolong Screen is that it is not only one of the very few high-gain screens that can extend the viewing angle to more than 90 degrees, but also ensures that the gain is still not less than 4 times at 90 degrees. When the gain is expanded to 120 degrees, the gain can still be maintained at more than 3 times. In other words, in the case of the same gain, Aolong Screen can obtain a wider viewing angle.
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Next is the problem of contrast. After increasing the gain, the white will be brightened, but if the black is also brightened, the contrast will not be improved as needed, and the loss of black will cause a foggy effect and lose the sense of layering. This is all white. The deadly key of the curtain. We know that the projector can never produce black, this problem can only be solved by the screen. The picture without black is exactly the effect of the white screen you see. But if the screen is made black, such as a gray screen, the white will become darker and the gain will become negative. What we really need is to increase the gain of white and make the gain of black negative; that is, the brighter the white the better, and the darker the black the better. The white brightens and the black darkens at the same time. This is exactly one of the unparalleled advantages that Aolong Screen has obtained through aggressiveness. If a high gain screen improves white and black at the same time, such as a metal screen, you will find that it can only make you feel dazzling, but will not provide the contrast and comfort you want, just like the white building exterior wall reflecting the sunlight.
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