【Aolong projection screen-no background color technology】 Technology introduction Aolong-XY Screens

【Aolong projection screen-no background color technology】 Technology introduction Aolong

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
When many people first see the Aolong projection screen, they think that the Aolong projection screen is a gray screen, but in fact, the Aolong projection screen does not have any background color. The screen surface of the Aolong projection screen uses nano-scale microcrystalline particles to coat, and these microcrystalline particles themselves do not have a color, so the Aolong projection screen has no background color.

So, why does the Aolong projection screen look gray? This is because it absorbs a large amount of ambient light, and the reflected ambient light is reduced, which makes the surface of the screen relatively dim and looks like gray.
What advantages can Aolong Microcrystal's technology without background color bring to projection? Without background color superimposition, the displayed projection screen has higher contrast and stronger color reproduction. The background color of the white screen is white. When it expresses black, it becomes gray because the black can't sink; the background color of the gray screen is gray, so when it expresses white, it will be caused by the gray background of the curtain. The white color cannot be brightened. As a result, the color contrast that can be displayed on the projection screen is greatly reduced. The Aolong projection screen has no background color superimposition, it is darker when displaying black, and more transparent when displaying white, the contrast is greatly improved, and the displayed picture has a more three-dimensional texture.
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