Aolong projection screen-super anti-ambient light ability technology Technical introduction Aolong-X

[Aolong projection screen-super anti-ambient light ability technology] Technical introduction Aolong

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
The Aolong projection screen that adopts the microcrystalline projection display technology is neither a metal screen, nor a white plastic screen, nor a glass bead screen. It is formed by uniformly arranging nano-level ultra-fine crystal particles of the same size on the surface of the screen base. The reflective array has a strong absorption effect on ambient light, with pure color expression and ultra-high definition.
The nano-scale fine crystal particles on the surface of the Aolong screen can selectively reflect light. The light from the front is regarded as normal projection light and will obtain a reflectance of more than 90%. The light with an angle of less than 45° to the screen surface is considered to be ambient light and will be strongly absorbed, which has a good resistance to the interference light from the side light source and the stray light reflected by the surrounding objects. In addition, the microcrystalline particles have almost the same absorption effect on light of different colors, and will not change the color of the screen due to the difference in absorption capacity.

In addition, the nano-scale microcrystalline particles used in the Aolong projection screen also effectively avoid the dispersion, color halo and Moiré effect caused by the coarse particles.
With the progress of society, people's demand for large-screen outdoor applications and bright indoor public applications is increasing day by day. For example, information release and advertising display in waiting halls, department stores, railway platforms, civil aviation terminals, exhibition halls and other places are urgently waiting for dynamic, long-term and high-quality large-screen equipment support. Aolong strong light curtains are fully qualified for applications in various high-illumination occasions by virtue of super strong reflection ability and anti-ambient light interference ability, ensuring that the clarity and contrast meet the needs.
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